Uploading Old Blog Trains

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Uploading Old Blog Trains

Just a warning to those of you with trigger fingers, I'm uploading the blog trains from January to the site, both kits and assets, so beware, you may already have them!

We do have a solution in mind to keep you from downloading things twice this way, but for now you'll have to keep your eyes open, and I'll try and let you know what I'm up to...


At the zoo is an old blog train, or an old freebie? If so, when could I have downloaded it?

I lost part of the files I´ve downloaded from you, a couple of months ago, but others are saved in thematic back ups. If I know the time it was up, I can probably see whether I have it.

At the Zoo is not an old blog train, any blog trains have "blog train" in the title somewhere. I just had a couple assets from At the Zoo on the site (the ones that are there now, as I haven't uploaded any new assets yet).

ty smiley

I probably checked those on the old site then...