Color for headings: teal or plum?

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Color for headings: teal or plum?

Marisa and I are having a bit of schizophrenia regarding colors today... you may have noticed that heading text has changed from a light teal to a sort of dark plum color.

Anyone have a preference between the two?

For reference here's teal:

And here's plum:

I like the darker plum color...because it's getting cooler with the changing seasons, maybe use the lighter teal for spring/summer.
Or a new color for each season?? smiley

I like this idea of changing the color to fit the mood!

I, too, like Tina's idea to change with seasons. Plum is perfect for this time of year smiley

Yeah i too like the plum best smiley

I think the plum stands out better

I like the idea of changing the color to fit either mood or season.

I'm glad we have all this support for changing the color, because otherwise Jordan would never let me do it! Thanks everyone. We'll have to decide on a winter time color (sorry folks in the southern hemisphere).

Powder blue and silver are always good for winter, but I don't know how well they will show up.

I like the idea of changing the colour for the mood/season

I like the idea that our site designers are so creative and flexible - and let us contribute our ideas. as well!

@Sunny: I like that now I can get back-up for ideas Jordan might have thrown out the window. smiley

The darker color for this time of year is better, and I also think it is probably easier to read!

@Marisa: Now, that's funnnny!!!