Snow Day Mug Red Marshmallows

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Snow Day Mug Red Marshmallows

I absolutely love, love, love this mug design but I need it without the marshmallows. Does anyone know what papers and elements were used?

I don't see the mug hun.

On the bottle right of the page you have a link for the tempate. Just use any paper/overlay you want as a clipping mask.

Brooke will be back on Monday, perhaps she can help you out. You can also download the mug template here and then clip whatever paper you'd like to it.

pretty sure she used this background paper & the template previously mentioned with a swirl brush applied... that she didn't share yet or was a "tool' she owns purchased elsewhere.

Hi All! I'm away for the weekend -- scrapbooking! I'm with 15 other girls in a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio. But I have been on Pixel Scrapper a few times while I'm away (even though wifi is a bit slow) - and I just saw this post. It ends up I still had a "working file" - and was able to upload a version of the mug without the marshmallows! Enjoy Kristian!
Red Mug

Thanks brooke smiley

Thank you all so much! Brooke you're the best smiley

Glad to help smiley