What about a blogtrain?

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What about a blogtrain?

I just love blogtrains and wouldn't it be a fun way to share stuff with other people smiley

You mean like a Pixelscrapper "members blogtrain"? I'm up for it smiley

Sounds great guys! When do you want to do it? I suppose we could try and work one up for December? Any themes or color palette suggestions? I'm working on a winter/Christmas kit with this palette if you wanted to tag along. Or we could work something else up.

Yeah like a members blogtrain smiley December sounds great so people get time to do some work smiley Your palette is beautiful for a christmas train smiley A bit classic/vintage smiley

Can someone tell me what a blogtrain is? smiley Thanks!

What would be expected? I have only been digi scrapping for a short time and barely know PSE?

This sounds great! I love the palette colors, and the Holiday theme......Maybe we should have a specific gallery space that we can upload possible Holiday pieces for this kit - or donations of design pieces to the community, in general.
(Just brainstorming, here....)

@Steph....A blogtrain is where you visit a website blog, and are provided a link to download a piece of a scrap kit. That blog owner also provides you a link to the next blog that has another piece of a kit - you just keep following the links through the blogs, to pick up all of the kit pieces - like the Scavenger Hunt Blogtrain, for Marisa's Bedouin Nights Kit.

Hope I explained that without making it sound too confusing!


How about I set up something informal for this first time, we'll see how things go, and see how things go from there!

I was a moderator at another digiscrapping site a few years ago and what we did was create a kit but instead of blog hopping, everything was there on the site but posted all over the forum or in the gallery. You were given the starting point with the first download. From the starting point, you were given a clue to where to find the next piece and given another clue to find the 3rd piece and so on.... If someone was stuck and couldn't find the next piece, we set up a thread so other members could help out giving other clues...it was pretty fun and very interactive.

Blog Train started!, and I'm going to close this thread.

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