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PreSet Viewer

I just got an email from TumaSoft and they are offering their Preset Viewer for $18 through the end of January. It's usually $25. I've used it for several years and find it really helpful in finding a particular brush or pattern when you've got zillions to sort through. The coupon code is PAYDAY.

I love that program! I have an early version. I don't know about an upgrade, if they offer a reduced rate or not. Would be nice. I want Breeze. This was one of my first big purchases for PS. I have over 70g of brushes, so, it sure comes in handy!
There's a preset viewer called Brush Pilot for Macs, if anyone is wondering. It's not from the Tuma's, though. The guy that created that program runs one of the big PS sites. I think it is Bittbox. But, he saw the need and filled it!

Thanks for the heads up!


@Su! Hall Do you know what the difference is between Preset Viewer and Breeze. I have looked closely at the information on their site and can't quite seem to figure it out.