Cannot open the folder (Versailles Kit)

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Cannot open the folder (Versailles Kit)

Thanks for uploading Versailles kit. I really love it. But I cannot open the folder. The message say the folder is invalid.

Hi Dinni! Seems we are having an issue with this kit, because Janet also had problems. I´ll move your thread to support forum, and I´m sure Marisa and/or Jordan will fix the file as soon as they can.

Thanks Lorien. I hope they will fix the file.

Hi Dinni, sorry for your trouble smiley . Please specify exactly which kit you are having trouble with, so we can look into it (there are multiple Versailles kits).

Thanks Jordan. Yesterday I download two Versailles kit. Solid Paper and Element kit. But I can't open the both files. Thanks for your support.

Hi, Jordan..
I download Versailles Alpha Kit a few minutes ago. But still, I cannot open that zip file. The message is zip invalid. I think my internet connection is okay. Cause when I open the other file I haven't any problem. I hope you can fix the file as soon as possible. Thank you..

Cynthia Arnett says: (here)

Unable to open zip file????

Marisa, I down loaded the Versailes Alpha Tonight and it will not open. It just keeps going in a loop from .zip to .cpgz I have not had any problems before with your items. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Everyone that is reading this thread or having problems with the Versailles Kits, please go to this thread located here. I'm locking this one to avoid yet more confusion with now three threads open about the same kit. smiley It will be easier if everyone lets Jordan know in one place. smiley Thanks everyone!

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