Not very exciting but...

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Not very exciting but...

I took my camera with me when I took my dog for a walk and took some neat texture pics. May come in handy if I decided to start designing again. I've never used my own photos, but I think I'll start since I don't have to worry about commercial use licenses then. smiley

I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I started out as a photographer quite a few years ago, then became obsessed with digital collage. Now I'm leaning back toward using my own photos and combining the two.

What I like is that even if the picture doesn't turn out all the great, I can still use it. I took one of the packed down snow on the sidewalk and my flash went off so it was really washed out in the middle. The picture would have been ruined otherwise, but I could use this one as a neat grungy edge fade. So its not a loss even with my poor photography skills. smiley

I love textured pictures, even to use just as a background for a page. I would love to start designing but don't know where to start.

With all the free designer resources and the tutorials on this site, you'll be an expert designer in no time! smiley Truly, Marisa has put together some awesome resources for everyone. Don't be afraid to jump in on the tutorials and ask questions. There's bound to be someone here to help you. I'm a bit of a computer geek and use Photoshop & Paintshop Pro, so if I can, I will help too. smiley

Thanks for the offer. Everyone here seems so helpful! I might have to try it out and see what I can come up with!

Recently discovered hobby of mine....just enjoy making cards for my friends and family.
Please people do post more sites from where we can download some free stuff and get inspired by all the beautiful creations.

Try a few filters, with the textures you already have try a glass effect or swirls. The blending of the texture and colors may produce a nice background. You can also adjust colors.

Always good to have a few in your back pocket for when the mood to design strikes!

LOVE textures, and take quite a few... grass, water, walls, even dirt. Using blend modes in PS, on top of photos, you can get interesting effects. When I get enough points to post, I would like to post a few. Flickr has a lot of free use textures, even some for commercial use!

This woman, Jessica Drossin, is my mentor for textures. (She does not know it though - I have never met her! She does offer mentoring if you have the funds) She is an amazing photographer but her texture work has inspired me. Some of her photos are a little over the top for MY taste, but she is talented, no the less!
Jessica Drossin

New to the forums, but I LOVE textures, too! Hadn't yet ventured into taking my own photos for the texture, though. Guess I should! Or at least go through my old photos to see what may work!

You would be surprised what looks great as a texture. Many photos you may have tossed... just use blur or one of the artistic modes! I don't have PS CS6 but it has an iris blur that can make bokeh out of any photo with lights!