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layout placement

hi everyone im new here. i have been scrapbooking for a while and just got into digital. I have heaps about the rule of 3rds and love the idea but does anyone have any resources they can recommend that help with layouts. im finding my digital layouts feel flat... for lack of a better word

thanks in advance smiley

Hey Marie, I struggle with the same thing! A couple things that I find help is to use templates or scraplifting. Templates give you a layout and you utilize your papers and elements to "replace" each layer of the template. As for scraplifting, find a layout that you really like and recreate it to make your own layout. Lastly, it takes time and practice. The more you do the better you get! The other thing I would suggest is that you get involved in as many challenges that you can at this site and others you may like. It sometimes forces you to think outside the box when "creating." Have fun!

I agree with Janet. Using templates and scraplifting takes the guessing about where to put things and then you can concentrate on what the substance of the layout should be. When you say "flat", do you mean "blah" or do you mean "has no depth". One of the things I struggled with in the early days was how to effectively use shadows. Proper shadows give your layouts perspective and depth. They can really make or break an otherwise great layout.

There is the tutorial tab on top that will help you with the many different aspects of scrapbooking. If you are going to use Photoshop there is a tutorial section under the Photoshop group. The biggest question is what are you going to use to create your designs. Next don't forget your paper scrapping. You can still crate those nice designs digitally. Don't be afraid to ask questions here. You will love the advice from everyone.

I recently wrote a post here about my thoughts on scraplifting and getting better.

Hi Marie. Good question and a question lots of digi-scrappers have. If you don't mind I am moving this thread to the Digital scrapbooking discussion, because I think there are more of us with the same question hanging out over there.

I found some nice tutorials on how to achieve a good layout. One of my own tip to avoid 'flatness' in your layouts is to add shadows. Shadowing is what makes the page feel 'real', so invest a little time in shadowing properly. I have added some tutorials on that as well.

On layout designs:

On shadowing:

ahaaa... shadow is the key... smiley
Thank you very much for sharing these information! I'm having the same experience as Marie too... but I didn't know what's wrong with my layout until I read this thread... my layout just feel boring and unreal... (I didn't realize it's flat! smiley) Thanks everyone!