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Versailles Kit Downloads/DC

Hi Jordan, I seem to be having some problems with the downloads of the Versailles Kit. My first problem is that I tried to download the Versailles Glitter Kit and the Alpha Kit. In both cases I tried to unzip them and received a message saying the "error: central directory not found." Every once in a while I get that message and then try downloading again and it works just fine, not in this case. I tried 3 times with the Glitter Kit to no avail. The other thing I noticed was that the glitters were 2 DC and the Alpha was 4 DC. When I look right now I only have 72 credits left of the 80 I started with. That would mean that an additional 2 DC were charged to me. No big deal, you don't have to replace (it's small "change") as I so appreciate all that you and Marisa offer-just don't want other complaints if this happens to anyone else. I hesitate to try to download the two kits again or I will use up the "re-downloads" that I have left. Will await a response from you. Love the colors of the kit by the way. Any help you can give I will appreciate. Thank you!

Thanks for the report Janet, and sorry for the problems. Can anyone else confirm whether they can download an unzip these kits? I just tried, and was able to successfully download and unzip without a problem... perhaps there was something going on with the site, or with your internet connection at the time?

Versailles Glitters Kit
Versailles Alphas Kit

Also, thanks for letting me know about the DC discrepancy... that's quite strange. Please let me know if you notice that again.


I downloaded Versailles glitters CU to check, they work fine.

Hi Jordan, tried them both again (using your links above) and I still get the same error. I usually download and then double click on the file to see if the zip downloaded properly. Then I unzip the file - when I try either I still get the same message???

So, I went ahead and used today's DC to download the Stripe Paper 51-60 Templates, they downloaded just fine and I have already unzipped the file. I was making sure that my system wasn't the problem and it appears that my system is working just fine with the site.

So I read Lorien's post and went back and tried to download as CU and I am still getting the error??? So I figured I would try one more thing and went back and tried to download the Love Me Alphas Kit. The download worked just find and I was able to unzip the file. Now I really don't understand?

This is the first time I have had any sort of problem.

I'm getting the same error links on the Versailles papers kits, both of them. I tried re-downloading and got the same error message. Says the file is corrupt or invalid.

@Jordan: Several people having problems with these:

I'm trying to lock all duplicate threads and direct everyone to this original thread here to condense all the posts. smiley

Kits should be fixed now. See here for more details:

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