April Blog Train Planning

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There are some great ideas being thrown around.

There are a lot of people getting more involved in Art Journaling now so my suggestion is in line with someone else already sharing.....
Blog train of kits suitable for Art Journaling but with the the theme of "Seasons of Life"

I'll throw out a few more ideas, just in case. How about some more global themes, such as:

- Scrap the Planet
- We smiley Hobbies
- Garden Tea Party
- Friends are Family Too
- Animal Planet!
- Crazy About Color
- Sunny Sundays
- The Birds and The Bees


A lot of great themes!!!
Love your pallette sunny

Great ideas. I would like to do pets, I have been meaning to do one for ages!!

hi everyone,

as my children are born on end of may/beginning of june, i would say birthday theme with flashy colors (pink, yellow, green ...)
and a some of us have said, basic templates for albums (for an event, a trip ....)

Hi everyone! The palette and theme for the April Blog Train has been chosen. I am now closing this thread. For more details go to this sticky post:


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