Versailles Kit Fixed

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Versailles Kit Fixed

Sorry about the trouble with the Versailles Bundle everyone. I tried a new upload method and apparently it didn't work very well. Everything should be fixed now, so you can try again and redownload the kits. Let me know here if you have any further problems. Also, let us know if you used up all your redownload tries and need some more.

Thanks Marisa! Just downloaded the first two and also the two paper packs and they worked like a charm! All downloaded and unzipped without any problems!

I just downloaded the Alphas, Solid Papers, & Glitters myself and all three of those worked fine and unzipped for me. smiley

I'm glad you were aware of this issue. I didn't even notice that there was a problem except my files didn't download completely. Fate has it that I had to re-download them tonight anyway. What is that called? Oh yeah... dumb luck. xoxox Beth

Thanks for fixing. I thought it was me and I wasn't doing something right. I'm thankful it wasn't me. smiley

I thought it was me because no one mentioned that they could'nt unzip it. I searched for a unzip program until I could unzip it smiley Thanks

I love this kit so much! I need to donate soon so I can start downloading more at once! Downloading one asset at a time is just not good enough for a girl who likes instant gratification! LOL!