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VOTE: April Blog Train

I've taken your ideas and created these 5 palettes and themes. Please vote for the one you like best. The voting is off-site since we haven't yet implemented polls, hopefully we will soon!


Option 1: April Showers


Option 2: Nerdy is Cool


Option 3: Steampunk


Option 4: New Beginnings


Option 5: Birds & the Bees

Wow! these are all really cool, both in theme and colors! thanks for putting this all together for us!! smiley

This is going to be hard, these are some very pretty palettes...

Yes very hard to pick!

Very difficult to choose only one... But I think I prefer the option 4...

That was a hard choice, I love all the color palettes!

me gusta el 4, gracias por todo

My bote has been cast but it was hard to decide. In the end, Birds and the Bees is the color palette for me.

I love them all but will probably go with "Birds and Bees".

All so pretty!

It's a difficult decision. I hope the "losers" will be offered later.

All of them please. smiley I'm going to have to do some pondering. It's going to be really hard to pick just one.

That was a tough one... I really liked the palettes for both #4 and #5.

I've voted for option 3. I was a bit in a quandary smiley Love these colors so much smiley but I think the theme is a bit difficult. But the colors won smiley

My vote is added - and fortunately a lot agreed with me smiley


Sooooo hard to choose!!! I want to do 2, can we do 2? LOL

Phew, hard choice! I like #1 and #5 equally. So curious what the end result will be...

I hope some of the runners up make it as future blog trains...I loved the steampunk one, but I think I will be way outvoted smiley Thanks for setting up palettes and the poll...makes it even more fun!

Wow, that was a tough choice! The first and last were my faves, but I like them all. smiley

Each time I scrolled down, I thought "oh yes, that one!" and then I scrolled down more, each time more excited!! I think that the last one "Birds and Bees" was my favorite color pallet.

Love how you put this all together, Marisa! They all look so creative and inspiring!

It took a bit of waffling back and forth, but I finally picked one! How long will voting be open?

Well to be honest, new beginnings probably is my favorite palette but not so sure about the theme and I LOVE both the colors and the theme of the Steampunk option so.... that's what I chose.

I love the palettes/theme combos you came up with! I love the Good Housekeeping theme, but I love the Birds and Bees palettes. What to choose, what to choose?! Thanks!!

1 and 5 are wonderful to me!!! smiley

Oh my, these are fabulous! Tough choice!

Hummm, strange. I chose which one I preferred but it said that I had already voted (which I haven't...just saw this post).

@Janet: Strange. I haven't used this site before so I have no idea what sort of issues it might have...

Yep, same thing happened to me, tried using an old version of Internet Explorer and a new version of Google Chrome. It did the same thing in both. If get this figured out let me know and I'll go vote for Birds and Bees.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. I voted but it said I had already voted.

April Shows so vintage, yet the Birds & the Bees sooo swweettt.. confuse @,@


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