No points arrived on February 13th

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No points arrived on February 13th

I wanted to wait to post to make sure they actually weren't going to show up that day (they did not)....then I ended up going out of town and never posted here. Although I did email via the email form you have here and rec'd a response that said the site is new and there are still bugs, and then I was provided w/ the links to how the point system works with a reminder that points do no accumulate (which I know).

Just wanted to note that it happened... I was viewing the support forum to see if this has happened to others and found a post where someone said it happened, but their points ended up showing up....not sure if it was because she posted here. Maybe that's what I should have done??

Anyway, just wanted to document my experience. I still think this is an awesome place to be and you all are super-fabulous!


What happened was: On 13th no one got download credits, due to some bug. On the 14th, however, they arrived almost normally - so people posted on that topic to tell Jordan that they got their credits. So, as you know this matter was being discussed on that topic, I´ll close this one, ok?

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