I Lost 2 DL Credits + Feb 13th?

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I Lost 2 DL Credits + Feb 13th?

I clicked on an asset from the Vienna kit to download, the DL box popped up for me and as I navigated to the folder where I wanted it to go on my PC, the site locked up. Once it "un-froze" I refreshed the page and sure enough, the 2 credits were taken. Is there any way to get them back?

Secondly....I started a topic regarding the fact that I didn't receive any DL credits on Feb 13th. The reply said that apparently no one did, but they showed up the next day. Does this mean we should have seen double the amount of DL credits we receive daily? I KNOW that DC's are never accumulative, but were they on the 14th when they system gave the DC's from the 13th that were never rec'd? If so, I never rec'd them. If others were given those credits, can I get mine from the 13th? I receive 9 daily.

I don't want to be petty or anything, but the DC's are so important to me. I'll be donating very soon because it's the least I can do, but I can't until my tax return is direct deposited which will be in the next few days. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't coming across as greedy. I have been spreading the word about your site, and I know that a handful (at least) of my friends are here and I have seen them on your Facebook page. You have a very unique and awesome site here and I love it. So please know I am not complaining, just asking... that's all smiley

Sorry to hear about your trouble Candi. I have given you some extra DC to make up for the ones you should have received, and the ones you lost.

Locking this topic: please direct all future concerns about download credits here.

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