Win a copy of the program ArtRage 4 (see this post for details)

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Win a copy of the program ArtRage 4 (see this post for details)

I wasn't sure if I should post this one under my name or here since it's not a freebie really... But if I posted wrong, I'm so sorry!

How would you like to win a copy of ArtRage4? It’s a great program. I use it to make glitter but you can use it to paint, and so much more. Go check out the program here. But if you’d like to win a copy from me, it’s easy to do. I’m going to give away 1 copy to a random customer in my stores. To qualify all you have to do is purchase something from my stores and email me with the name of the store, the invoice # and your name and email. I will use Random Picker to choose the person who wins. This contest will run from today until the end of this month (that’s only 9 days left). You can email me at See full post here.


Sugarbutt (JJ)

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@Jenn I got ArtRageStudio so that I could hopefully make seamless 3600x3600 pages of glitter. No matter what I have tried When I use the style that I made there is a pattern on the sheet. I didn't have any problem with making the style or applying it to an element which worked just fine but making a paper from it has been a challenge. Do you have a secret or tutorial that will give me the seamless effect on a full 12x12" page? Would love to see it because I just cannot seem to master this! Thanks for any help you might have!

Hi sweetie. It just happens that I did make a tutorial for making glitter & taking it to PS. You can find that one here.
(I think this is the one... If it doesn't show you how to take it into PS to make a seamless texture, let me know & I'll get the other link)

When I make glitter in ArtRage, it's a multiple step process.

1. I make a small square of glitter (600x600 maybe). Save it.
2. Open it in Photoshop. Using Filter -> Other -> Offset, I offset the image by half (so 300x300). Save this image.
3 Open again in ArtRage and carefully go over the seam with a smaller glitter brush. This final image should be seamless.

I love that. I am going to try that tonight after work. Thank you for telling us that... I did mine by trial and error but making it smaller would be so much easier... smiley

Thanks Jenn and Marisa! I just want to be able to perfect it! I will keep trying. I am so new to PSE and PS so I have a lot to learn!

Oh, Jenn, I just unzipped and checked and the tutorial does show me how to take it into PS so it appears to be the "right" one. Thanks again, I will be playing with it soon.

@Marisa I did use your method but didn't have as much luck with it looking like glitter. Have learned since that some colors don't do as well as glitter so I am guessing it was that or my lack of PS understanding. Then learned about ArtRage so I jumped right in-at least it looked more like glitter but some of the colors still don't look great so I think that may be the culprit.

I haven't used ArtRage for a long time. Forgot I even had it. I have version 2 and got it about 8 years ago when I first started designing and think I used it about 3 or 4 times. I see the new version has a few updates/upgrades. I tried to see if there was a trial version that I could check it out, but I guess they don't have one. I'm not sure its something I would use or not...