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@Moontje - that's funny!

One of my favorite halloween memories happened just a couple of years ago. We had just moved into a new house and were trying to get to know people so my 11 year old daughter and I teamed up with a new friend and her mom and threw a Halloween party for all of their 6th grade friends. The highlight of the party was sending all thirty of the 11 year-olds off into the dark house with flashlights for a game of hide and seek. We have two staircases so they had to hide upstairs and then try to sneak back downstairs to the couch (homebase) before getting caught. They LOVED it! The next year we got requests to do it again. But I learned my lesson after cleaning black fingerprints off the walls and trim for two weeks. The second year we made them all wash their hands first!

@Moontje: b'wahahahahaha

@Kristen: were the finger prints from them falling down in the dark outside??? or just normal kids dirty hands??? smiley

omg, i love the new kit Marisa... it's so fun!

ok, my favorite halloween memory... honestly it's the ones being made right now! My 3 year old son LOVES halloween... he's into everything spooky and we can definitely tell that halloween is going to be our favorite holiday of the year. i had a great time last year going trick or treating with him for the first time... he was dressed as DJ Lance Rock from the Yo Gabba Gabba Show. He was so excited to get in his wagon and ride around with his Gabba stuffed animal friends... definitely one of my favorite memories...

I have had many Halloween experiences, but one I remember especially is when I was about 8 years old it was Halloween time. I happened to get very sick and could not go out trick or treating. I was really sad.

My uncle felt real sorry for me and later he brought me 2 great big bags of halloween candy just for me! Of course my parents did not let me have all that candy, but my uncle made me feel really special and loved!

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@Nancy: what a very kind and sweet loving uncle you have. That was just so thoughtful... most people wouldn't think anything of a child being sick. and LoL that your parents didn't let you keep it & eat it all for yourself!

Hullo Marisa and Everyone!

One of my favourite memories comes from the first half of my teaching career. I was teaching High School - Grade 10 & 11 English - during the height of the Goth fad. There was at least one student in each of my classes that year who dressed in elaborate home-made BLACK costumes and who applied make-up each morning as if creating objet d'art du jour. I was never disappointed! So, I thought about it carefully, and decided that a Goth Teacher would make a good costume that year. I had so much fun! It took me a few days to gather all the block layers of clothing, and another couple of hours to get ready that morning, but "the look" lasted all day and into the evening. I know I freaked out quite a few Trick-or-Treaters when I answered the door to give out candy! I didn't have a digital camera then, and whomever took pictures of me that day hasn't shared them. Perhaps it is time to revive the look?

Have a safe and fun Hallowe'en week, everyone!

My favourite Halloween memory is actually my daughter first costume. She was 1 year old, and I dressed up her in a Minnie Mouse costume, hand sewed by me. She was so cute!

Well I must say that over the years I have had alot of Halloween time.
My most endearing memory was when I was young and we had a terrible snow storm and Trick or Treating was not going to be much fun.
We had a favorite stop that we always made ( right across the street). They had a very large enclosed sun deck and they always had hot chocolate and cookies for us !! It was a great place to stop and have a rest and get warm if it was cold out. The best thing was being able to stop there often. That particular year they had an ongoing story time and lots of hot chocolate and cookies. Other treats were also donated by the neighbor hood moms because thats the only stop we all made it to that year. It was the best Halloween I remember !!
PS: the man of the house was a natural story teller and we were always wecome there what ever the time of year. smiley

Since I also live in the Netherlands, we don’t quite know the American Halloween traditions, but we do have a similar holiday. It’s called Sint Maarten and it is celebrated on the 11th of November, so it will be celebrated soon. The tradition is meant for children from the age of 4 till 12 years, who will make their own “lampion” at school. In the evening all the children will go door to door with their lampions around their neighbourhood to sing Sint Maarten songs and collect candy for them.

When I was little I was always very, very shy. So you can imagine that it was quit hard for me to sing songs for strangers all night long. I still remember the first time that I went door to door by myself, together with my little brother. I was 6 years old at the time and because I was so shy I kept singing the entire time with my hand stuck in my mouth, because of which people couldn’t hear me that well. A year later I went through the streets again with a self-made lampion, but this time I was surrounded by more friends, so it became less scary. I got more courage from their courage, and so I finally discovered the fun of singing for Sint Maarten!

The scrapbook page underneath contains the photos that correspond with my Sint Maarten memories described above.


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