Our First Challenge! Finished 11/1/2012

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Our First Challenge! Finished 11/1/2012

EDIT: Thanks everyone for participating! I've given everyone 10 community points for entering their layout, and our big winner this week is Moontje! Congrats, you should have an extra 50 DCs in your account now, which are in addition to your daily limit, so there's no hurry to spend them. Looking forward to next week's challenge, hope to see you there!


Now that the gallery is up it's time we had a challenge! Be sure to read the rules first and you will need to apply for access to the gallery. Be sure to do this before the deadline so you aren't stuck!

This challenge will not have a voting period or a winner for the most hearts. Let's see how things go and focus on everyone having a great time!

All submissions must be posted here and tagged correctly before November 1, 2012. I will lock this thread at noon EEST, at which point I will award the points and randomly select a winner.

Hopefully there won't be too many kinks this time around and everyone will have a great time.

Now for the challenge details:

It's a scraplift challenge!

Layout by Em T

I saw this layout a few weeks ago and loved it. There are so many wonderful things involved from the black & white mixed with color, to the theme and paint effects. Your job is to pick something from this layout that inspires you and interpret it in your own way.

Important Details

Due Date: November 1, 2012 noon EEST

Tag: challenge scraplift nov 1 2012
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions.

Fantastic! Hopefully my little sweetheart´s teething sorrows will allow me the time to participate and, if not, I know I can look forward to the next challenge, and the next....

I just love this layout and had so much fun creating around it smiley Here is my piece for this challenge:
My Layout

I saw this layout and i love it, so i immediately started my own and this is what i made:

My layout

Wow, this is my first challenge -ever- and i loved it! Here is my layout

You can take a look here, or heart it in the gallery smiley

I'd better get busy! The scraplift page is amazing. Great choice!

I have to get started on mine! Got a good idea going smiley

Great going everyone! Here's the link to the tag in the gallery so you can see the finished ones: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/tags/challenge-scraplift-nov-1-2012

This is my first challenge ever too!
Here´s the link to my layout, in case you want to heart it smiley

Well, here is my piece of art hehe

Yay! I made it! haha

Everyone looked like they were having so much fun, I wanted to do it too! I like getting the chance to do a random page that's just about whatever.

I really wanted to use a B&W photo, but I couldn't find a good, recent pic of me, except this one (still almost a year old) and it definitely looks better in color. So...

I stretched myself in this layout by focusing on a few things:

1. I just used a plain white background, which I never do.
2. I didn't use any layered papers and hardly any elements. I focused more on brushes and things. This is pretty different from what I usually do, but I always love layouts when people work like this, so I'm glad for the push to do something different.
3. I usually stink at making titles. And while this title doesn't mean much, I thought it was cute smiley

Mine is almost ready! smiley smiley

You girls work fast! I'll try to make my own layout until nov. 1st smiley

Here is the link to my layout. This was a lot of fun and I have ended up with a much nicer layout for this particular photo than I would have without the challenge.

Oh boy! I better grab the mouse and get started...


Done! smiley

You can see my layout (and my comments about it)here:

I really enjoyed working on a layout for this challenge. I gained a lot of new inspiration.
Here is the link to my layout! I hope you all like it (eventough the text is in Dutch smiley)!

ive never done a scrap lift before. im looking forward to it. smiley

Here is Mine. smiley My layout

I took from the original layout how everything seems to be attached or to grow from the center of the page

i really enjoyed doing this! here is my layout

Am so upset, done up my layout, as I was about to save it...my computer crashed (ggrrrrrr). Hopefully my boyfriend can sort it out before the challenge is closed smiley

Woe Caryn! That is the worst. Let me know how things go.

Don't forget that you can directly post your layout into this thread. You can check out this tutorial if you need hlep.

Here's my layout: 16/61

boo-hoo smiley my computer is not going to finished in time - oh well, will have to join the next challenge

I'm sorry for your computer troubles Caryn. There's nothing worse than losing something you've worked hard on.

Wow, I am so impressed with everyone's layouts so far! Fabulous inspiration for my own layout, which I had better get started on if I am going to manage to participate in this challenge smiley

Wow, some great layouts! Wanted to participate but am sewing four Disney princess dresses for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. Maybe next time!

Yeah, I managed to finish mine up! Great challenge, here's my layout!

I MADE IT! My entry is now in the Gallery, but you can also see it right here.

I went a little "Brush Mad" - Sorry!

The pictures are taken by myself in Central Park and Bryant Park in New York City. So let it be a tribute to the greatest city of all that is right now experiencing an extremely difficult time. But knowing the New Yorkers, they will soon rise again.


@Trine: I LOVE it!!! i absolutely love everything about it!!! fantastic job... smiley


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