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No download points

Talk about six points per day, how do you get them, by locking in or what??

How many community points do you need to get download points??

Everyday you get a certain number of download credits to spend. Right now you should be getting 6. These DC do not accumulate, but will be renewed everyday up to 6. So basically every 24 hours you can spend 6 DC.

By earning more community points you can raise your daily limit of download credits. You can earn community points by filling out your profile, commenting, and uploading layouts.

For more info see the following:
Download Credits
Community Points

I get my DC every night between 10:30pm and 12pm. It's 3:30 am, and I still haven't rec'd. my DC credits. Help, please. smiley Thank you!

@Cindy: Jordan said earlier in this week that all concerns about DCs must be made on this topic:

and that no other topics will be considered. So, I´m locking this one.

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