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General Support / Feedback

Find a bug? Is the site behaving strangely for you? Is something unclear? Maybe you just have an idea for how the site should work, or how it could be better.

Whatever feedback you have, we want to hear it so we can make Pixel Scrapper better! Please leave your comments below, and we'll reply to them as soon as possible.

So far I think the site is neat! I love the gallery and that you share your pages with us still. The only thing I noticed is when viewing a page you created, the download links to the assets you used are not there. I really liked that about the old website because it made getting those assets fast and easy.

I've been looking around and I love the new look! The templates are much more clear, I don't have to enlarge the image (opening a new page) just to see what the design is. I really like that the image and all related info including the download button are all on one page, no more clicking to open a page then click again to open another page...that part I LOVE smiley
Going back to have a look around some more and hopefully get something ready to put in the gallery.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@Rkymtn80: The list feature is going to be a key part of this new site, and it will be one of the first new things that we'll be unrolling in the near future. So bear with us in the meantime. But the good news is that you'll be able to make your own lists as well!

@Tina: Thanks for the feedback. We're having a really slow roll-out here of different functions, and so the user gallery isn't up yet. But that will be one of the first things we turn on once we're sure that all the basics are working. I can't wait to see your layouts!

I have now registered, made profile, introduced myself, logged in, logged out, logged in, downloaded LOTS, Hearted LOTS,logged out, logged in, tried about 5 tutorials (very easy to grasp), logged out, logged in, and now I can just say:

GOOD GOING, Marisa!!!!

I have found no bugs or flaws, I am enjoying every bit of it - the design and the layout, and I just LOVE the simplicity of it all - just like your designs.

As I said in my introduction: This is now my favourite place out here in cyper space smiley))))

I will be back again very soon, and after that again and again, and again, and.... well, you get the drift.

Lots of love and big congrats,

Thanks for the input Trine! I'm glad everything is working well!

Love love LOVE the new site! So clean and pretty and easy to navigate!

I literally JUST registered and have been using this site for about 2 minutes. I'm rushing over here to tell you HOLY COW the search is SO much better! It's 240x faster(yes, that's a precise figure, I swear smiley) and so much easier to sort. Really, the only thing that kept me from using the previous site even more was how slow it seemed to be, but the first thing I noticed when I got on here was how much faster it's loading. It's beautiful!

I'll update here after I've played more with the site, but so far, so good! smiley

Hi, Love your new site! For the sidebar on the left, I would put in a Donate button.

Hi there! Today, when I logged to beta site, on forums section, it told me that only the turorials forum had new messages, while, in fact, both had smiley It isnt a big issue, but I can´t figure what why something like that might happen smiley

@lmf33 -> we're actually working on a more integrated payment/donation system, but thanks for the feedback!

@Lorien -> that's weird. let me know if it happens again.

I just love this new site smiley Is it gonna be possible to watch layouts in the forum in bigger pictuers? smiley

I am just starting out on this new page and I have to say I already learned something that I must have overlooked on the old page or maybe its because I didn't really go through and look like I should have but the templates I had no idea were so we could change the color and do use them to customize our own look. Wow what a great feature, I love it and can't wait to start using it! Thanks so much!!!!!

Hi there, I downloaded a template:

and Cannot get it to open in anything. It came up with the extension .7z and I tried opening it in photoshop and photoshop elements and it won't open in either. Any ideas on how to convert it so I can use it?

I think I'm confused about some of the point system...

How many points gets you to the next "cap"... i.e., if 10 points earned me 6 daily credits, do i need to earn another 10 to get me 7, and so on?

Sorry, i forgot to put this in my previous post... another thing that would be great to see is a notification if you've already downloaded that asset or template. I'd hate to waste a credit on a previously downloaded item, and some of the assets/templates are very similar (i.e., a button) that I might have forgotten that I downloaded it a couple months back.


Hi Shonda, the .7z extension is a zip file. You have to unzip (extract) the file before you can use it. I use AlZip which you can find at There are others out there but this is the one I use.

I think the point system is a great idea. If you visit the site daily, you will eventually catch up. I visit daily but there are days when I don't download anything simply because I won't use that particular piece. Don't worry, it'll still be there tomorrow when you come back smiley

Great job on the site Marisa! I love everything so far.

I've been flipping around checking everything out, I keep getting a scripting error but I'm almost sure it's my computer because I uninstalled something that I obviously needed (oops!). Anyway, I have a couple questions....the 5DC next to my profile pic, is that the download credits? It doesn't update as the points go up (if you said that in the email, I missed it...I'm sorry smiley
Also, looking at the assets and templates, next to the download button are 2 choices 2DC or 4DC...what does that mean? The little "?" that appears when I hover doesn't give me any info.

OMG, it's been a long day. Nevermind....I figured it out. Had a moment there, geez.
Oh, I wanted to comment on a post from earlier...someone suggested having some sort of notification so they would know if they already dowloaded something....there is something you can use that is already in place. Just under the preview you can click on the "heart this". That way you know you've already downloaded it....and Marisa gets the much deserved "hearts".

There is no way to get 5 things. I got 1 template for 4 cu. Everything else is 2cu or more. You can not get 2 things! I bookmarked the link, so I can get another on Friday. Do the points you earn for bonus stuff, roll over? I know the daily ones don't. Please get the donation box ready.

I just encountered the same. The site said I have 5 download credits, I dowloaded a button which took 2 credits. Then I tried to download an overlay which was 4dc's but couldn't. I had 16 community points but now down to 15. So not only does it take away your dowload credits, it also takes away your community credits which I guess has now made me confused too. If the added community points are supposed to help you gain download credits, why didn't my download credits increase when I had 16 community credits. Oh my, it's way too early for all this thinking, lol.

So if the community credits do nothing for your download credits, what would a donation do? Just wondering...

This is what appeared at the top of the page after I made that last comment:

•You just earned 2 points and now have 10 points in the Community Points category.
•Congratulations: you've earned enough Community Points to upgrade the number of free Download Credits (DC) you receive every day!
•You will now recieve 6 free DC per day.
•Earn 20 more Community Points to get your next DC upgrade. Click here to learn more about Community Points and how to earn them.
•Your comment has been posted.

I guess that answered my question about the community points....but....I had 15 points before I made the comment and it says I have 10. It's early and I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee but if I had 15 and added 2 more, shouldn't I now have 17?? Where did my points go?

Somehow my points are being deducted for things I haven't done. I did not edit my profile today. When I checked, everything was there so why is the site deducting my points? Something is definately not working right.

-1 Community Points Fri, 09/28/2012 - 06:57 Profile field Birthday emptied Approved view
-1 Community Points Fri, 09/28/2012 - 06:57 Profile field Sex emptied Approved view
-3 Community Points Fri, 09/28/2012 - 06:57 Profile field About Me emptied Approved view
-2 Community Points Fri, 09/28/2012 - 06:57 Profile field Last Name emptied Approved view
-1 Community Points Fri, 09/28/2012 - 06:57 Profile field First Name emptied Approved view


Thanks so much for the help on letting me know it was a zip file, I must have not read that when I downloaded it and didn't think it was a zip file because it looked different than any zip file I have ever received. I have unzipped it and now have the template. Thanks again for your help I appreciate it smiley

i was wondering when you get the points for each day? Cause i havn't got as many as a should have smiley You atleast get 5 each day right?

Yeah! My profile updated and my photo loaded today when I tried again!! Whoop!! Wish I could move my photo down a little so my head isn't cut off.

Shonda, I'm on an iMac and had that problem previously and Marisa told me the following in an email back on 7/7/12: I downloaded Zipeg and it was a free download and it works perfect.

For Windows: 7-zip, AlZip

For Mac: Zipeg, Stuffit Expander

Hope that helps.

Why I have minus 5 community points?

I'm having trouble downloading a mask - I sent you an email Marisa with a screen shot

When you start the donate thingy... Is there gonna be a "buy my store" option? So you get to download it all smiley


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