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For those trying to translate. For Firefox, it is a plugin to the browser, so all you have to do is select the text, right mouse click. translate.

Go to plugins in Firefox. Search for translators there are two different kinds. One that will do a whole page translation. The other you select the text and the translation is a popup. I use both.

My blog is Callaluna Creations, you can find it here!

My digiscrapping blog is here.
My personal one is here, though I don't write much there.

Hi all! I have a blog too. I post almost anything I feel like sharing there - my scrapbook pages (paper & digital), my cards, my tutorials, and a few little freebies (not very often though smiley ). Here's the link: Cat Scrap Fever

I enjoyed checking out everyone's blogs. Some very talented people here. smiley

Okay- it pretty much took me all day, but now I have a blog, too. It's more of a random thing, but it will eventually have my scrapbooking (I just did the FIRST posting, so it's really damn new), so it somehow fits here, I think. Anyway, here's the link:
It's more like a personal diary, but if somebody wants to read it or (as soon as they're up there) look at fluffy layouts, you're very welcome!

The blog looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Here is mine: TSSA
I need help with mine, I am just not good at blog I have mine super duper plain, someday, I will explore that area more and do something with it...

I just started this so I could join the February Blogtrain, but it is started to fill a little now smiley Let me know what you think, I am a real newbie to the whole blog thing:

My blog,, is kind of new but it's been a long time coming. I really have been planning to get one started for some time but when my dad dies I decided not to wait any longer. I hope you'll like it.

Thanks for sharing ladies.

@Melouise: I love the simple design.
@Heather: Glad you jumped in a got started. There's no better time than today!

I have a blog about the art I make, somethimes it's about other interests. It is still very small. I am thinking about a blog on digital scrapbooking but I don't know for the moment.

Here is my blog. You'll find lots of FREEBIES on there!

Mine is new too.. I hope to get better as I learn this smiley

I wanted to participate in blog trains.. so jumped out of my box and got this started... Thanks for the encouragement here and info~!

I have a blog train for March coming up soon... and plan to participate in the April BT here too..

The best is yet to come smiley


I just start to learn design..
I don't have AI, really want to have it.
But my hubby has corel draw to support his job as well.
still practicing.. but i love my learning process..
I post my creation on my blog..
Scrappy Chicka

I just started my new store blog. I'll be leaving the old blogger blog up since there are a few posts on there that are quite popular (some of my Silhouette Studio tutorials & stamp organization), but I'll be using the store blog from now on for all my craft stuff. You can find my new blog here: Cat Scrap Fever

Here is my blog, I have it for a few years, was thinking to make a new one, but this's me, so why start a new one.

Scraps by Jessica art-design

There isn't much here yet but you can see it here

Just a fes days old, zo brand new smiley :

Thanks for looking...

My blog is here at
It is mostly our experiences traveling since we lost our home in the 2011 Bastrop Texas Wildfires. We didn't start it until we hit Hawaii, so for now it is mostly Hawaii photos and videos. But we plan to go back and include the other places we went. Both my husband and I contribute to the blog. There are fun short videos of things like octopuses to a long story about the first time I swam with dolphins. Eventually I hope to have enough graphics to share and then add a new graphic section to the blog.

Here's mine: blog

No blog, sorry and no plans to get one. I did manage to upload a few craft photos to the web yesterday (with help from Pixelscrapper of course) and they are here - . Off to explore the blogs linked here and see what wonderful things people have created smiley

Paula, try It is very easy. You do not need to know html. It is all point and click. Very easy to use! Just go for it!

My blogs were started because of my love of genealogy. I write 2 family research genealogy blogs, 2 cemetery blogs, one blog about my high school "50 Year Club" and a food blog where I put most of my digital layouts. I would love to have all of you visit! Thanks for the links to everyone's blogs. I have enjoyed looking at them all. Mine can be found here:

Food Gratitude
Genealogy Traces
Tennessee Memories
Cemeteries with Texas Ties
Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges
Mountaineer Heritage Park Blog

I've just started my blog in the last week so it isn't exactly full of posts but I'm working on it! At least it's pretty and you can learn more about me! smiley

Modern Age Martha smiley

I have three blogs right now: family history, digital graphics and scrapbooking, and crafting.

Digital Graphics/Scrapbooking: Speyegull Designs
Crafting: That Crafty Redhead
Family History: Uprooting the Family Tree

I stay pretty current with the family history and digital graphics blogs. The crafting one gets ignored because I keep doing projects and forgetting to take pictures of the in process and finished products!

Thanks for sharing y'alls blogs. I'm going to go do some blog hopping now. Woohoo!

Great blogs Ladies smiley
Here is a link to my blog: HERE

Finally got my photography blog up and running. If you're interesting you can check it out here and in case you missed my personal blog you can check that here smiley

My Blog is HERE

Here is the link to my blog where I share my layouts and my freebies: