Scavenger Hunt: Bedouin Nights

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Thank you very much! This was a wonderful hunt smiley

Thank you for these vibrant images! I'm inspired!

I wasn't able to find Krista's part 3 - can someone give me a hint?

@allmine3 -- go back around the 13th of the month on the SahlinStudio website and read those posts. smiley you'll find it...

Thank you so much Shawna - I just kept passing over it, again and again - duh (lol)

TYVM for a wonderful kit.

Thanks so much! These were graet! I can't get part part 10 because the Facebook page says there is an error. I am definitely a fan so that's not the issue. Also, I didn't find the post on the Viva Artsy page. I looked in freebies and what's new to no avail.

NP -- glad you got to snag it! smiley

Natalia: Go here to PixelScrappers FB page. "Like" the website FB page, then click on FAN Freebies tab on the main page. You will see that Marisa has shared TWO gifts there on that page with us. The top one is for the DSC train and the second one (down at the bottom of the page) is for the Bedouin Nights Scavenger Hunt. Make sure you are clicking on the photo that will bring up the link for you to download part 10. Hope that helps you out!!!

If you're having trouble with a Facebook Freebie, I would always suggest trying a different browser and see if you have success.

Yay...thank you so much for the last piece (part 12) that was on the Newsletter - just received my email

Natalia: head here and scroll down to the bottom:

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thank you so much take care hugs linda

Thank you so much for this lovely kit, just about to start with it! Unfortunately I can't find part 14 - can you help me with this?

Thank you!

What a great idea, fun seeing other designers

What a great idea, fun seeing other designers

It was a great scavenger hunt and at the end I was rewarded with a whole kit. The to add the cherry on top got to see a lot of designers I was not aware of!

This was a great hunt. Thanks for all of the gifts.

@Bettina S -- See vivie's post # 103 here just above your post smiley

Thank you for a great kit but I still have not received my newsletter, it's the only part I am missing - BooHoo Is there a link available?
Especially love the vellum and glitter papers. Thank you Marisa and all the designers involved.

Thank you so much for all the beautiful parts to this kit. It makes me want to pack a suitcase and go off on a world adventure! (To collect some fabulous pictures to do the kit justice, of course.) Absolutely beautiful!

Love this and there are some great designers on your list smiley I follow a lot of them already

That was fun, thanks so much. Everything looks great!!


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