FREEBIES CU/PU: the emily files

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FREEBIES CU/PU: the emily files

Helllloooo! I was bored, and a little uninspired with my own layouts, so I decided to play with the hearts template and made two papers. I hope to do more experimenting this coming month! Emily

I suppose you need the link...I combined it with my picture post, so just scroll down a little.


@Emily - I have a question and then a comment (critique: I just hate that word sometimes as it sounds too much like criticize) and that's not by no means what I want to do. smiley
Questions: Which template did you use for this I love it, but can't find it in the search option of hearts?
Comment: I downloaded the one with the light blue background as it's more my style & I absolutely love the color scheme to it. I noticed that right in the middle close to the center dark blue heart on the left side there is a dark blue line of stray pixles, also a little next to the red one under it, and the white one two over. It may have to do with the grungy-ness layer that it appears you may have added. Maybe it is discoloring weirdly when added... anyways... just thought I'd let you know

I'll find the template, and that is from the texture, I added it to multiple layers so is more pronounced than I thought it would be. I might play with that more if I have time tonight. Thanks! The template is hearts12, I think it was a newsletter freebie.

Thanks... so it may not be uploaded yet then. I didn't start getting anything from here until I joined this site (mid October) and I don't get a newsletter, so I assume that was something of olden days, pre new website. smiley When I looked at it closer (100%), I agree it definitely appears to be the texture layer. smiley so the little lines just landed in a couple strange places... smiley I'll have to watch for when she adds that particular hearts template!

Looks cute!

@Shawna: It's coming....

Thanks! I was busy working on birthday stuff last night and ended up making some overlays

here's the link!

Some Valentine's Freebies on the blog today! Happy Valentines Day all!

Just click on the picture!

@Emily: Love the hearts, very cute!

Thanks! I like to dabble when I can! I just wish I had more time!!

Striped paper pack with template!

Lovely colours

Another paper pack! More hearts!

So cute hun. TYFS

Here is a paper pack to go along with the Spring Fields Kit

Thanks so much Emily! smiley

Cute and pretty designs, and you do have commercial use products, thank you!

Anything that I offer for free can be used commercially...I am horrible at adding my terms!

LOL, I was just about to post asking you if commercial use was ok. smiley I love the happy birthday overlays! Thanks!

Here are some pieces I put together while working on my wedding album.

The link will take you to my blog post...just scroll down!

Very Pretty!

Thank you so so much for sharing! You rock! smiley Love the blog!

These two are personal use only.




Let me know if this link isn't working, I was having issues with 4shared this morning.

Love the overlays!


@heather! Thanks! I'm having fun with it while I have time, as I know once May hits my computer time will be limited until winter (which I'm perfectly okay with!!)

Fun papers, thanks!


border download
no border template today.