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Thank you so much! I look forward to learning all these great things.

thank you, just what i needed smiley

Thank you for all of these wonderful tutorials! I'm using PSP X6 so am having to alter most of the tutorials for my program, but still getting the gist of how to do things. What a great help!


I'm new to the site, and also to Scrapbooking.
I do however make my own jewelry, and that's how I found this site.
This topic is very helpful for somebody who would like to explore scrapbooking, but has no idea on where to start or which program to use?!

I'll check out some tutorials, but maybe some questions will follow...

Thanks !

Welcome Kim!

Welcome Kim!! let us know if you have any questions, everyone here is so helpful!!

Thanks for sharing

thank you

Thanks!!! It helped a lot

As I am new this looks like a great spot to spend some time and learn.

Are there tutorials using Photoshop Elements?....
Thanks Nita

These tutorials use different versions of Photoshop.

Okay... thanks for getting back to me