Your free daily DC refill time may have changed

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Your free daily DC refill time may have changed

Just a quick note to say that we've been experiencing some trouble with the download credit system... specifically, the system that grants free download credits to every user every day. The number of users has gotten to the point where the system is getting a bit backed up. On Feb 17th this backup led to some people not getting their free DC as expected.

Due to the backup, be aware that the time that you receive your free daily DC may have changed. Also be aware that it may change from day to day (your credits may refill at 1:00pm one day, and then at 2:30pm the next).

That being said, it shouldn't really make much of a difference when your credits are topped off: let's say they get topped off at 9:00pm. You don't need to log in at 9:00 pm and user your credits right that night so that they get topped off the next day. Rather, you can log in the next morning, and use your credits then, and they should still get topped off again around 9:00pm. The process works on a 24-hour cycle, not a date cycle... does that make sense?

If you are experiencing further trouble with the system, please see this post.

I am very sorry for any trouble or inconvenience that you have experienced, and am determined to make things work better! Thank you for your patience while I work to rebuild this system to be more dependable, and less confusing!

Thanks for letting us know. This is such a wonderful site. Feels like Christmas every time I login and see free daily DC!

Not a problem. I appreciate the downloads and can be patient. Thanks for doing such a professional job in "running the show".

Not a problem, I'm not consistent when I login either.

I only wish I can figure out when that refill time is! I've been having (slow) internet problems lately, and my ISP provider hasn't really fixed it...

I'm very appreciative of the free resources so I have no complaints. I haven't figured out what my time is either so I guess it will happen when it happens. I appreciate your excellent customer service. This is a great site and you've designed it to be very clean and easy to use.

Jordan, your dedication to OUR site is amazing. You are appreciated. xoxox Beth

Thanks for let us know Jordan! Just realised what is my new "around" time... about 9 hours after it used to be! And, I have to say, it´s a better time for me smiley

Here is how I resolved my DC time of renewal....I usually get to downloading at between 11am and noon. But if I ran late then it was changing my reload time-a bit frustrating. So one day I waited until pretty late that night. Then I skipped one day of my DC's. From that time on I am able to use my DCs any time of the day that I want. It worked out perfectly and well worth "losing" one day of free credits. With the system problems I never felt a thing as I have given myself plenty of leeway so I don't feel it! Good luck all.

Maybe if the system gets too bogged down, points could renew once a week. Just a thought smiley

Thank you so much for everything you do. You all are so super-awesome!! I lost credits on two different occasions, and not to "look a gift horse in the mouth" it really was a bummer! BUT! As always, you guys made up for it and then some! I smiley Pixel Scrapper!

Hi, thanks for letting us know. I have not been able to receive any DC at all, and I have sent an email about it. Hopefully I will be getting my daily DC soon! Thanks for the good work!

I'm not at all worried. Love this site!

I just finished an initial overhaul of the system. See this post for more information.