Quote when replying to a specific post

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Quote when replying to a specific post

I'm not sure if someone asked for this already... I would like to see the post quoted when you click the reply button on a specific post. I was just looking at a few threads and I found the flow of the conversation a bit disjointed because there would be replies to specific posts and/or people and it isn't clear who or what the reply is referring to. It was only today that I realized that next to the time the person posted was the post number they are replying to. If its a long thread and they're replying to a post made a couple pages in, its going to be kind of a chore to go looking for that specific post. Just my thoughts/opinion... What do you think?

I like this idea too. If its available in this forum software it would be a nice feature to have!

There is a quote button above the reply box, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use it smiley