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Hearts: Filter by Content (o.m.g!)

I love this new feature!!! It is new isn't it??? or has my brain really been asleep the last week?
TYSVM Jordan for thinking of this. Now I can find exactly what I want quicker in my hearted favs! smiley

I think it's just new to you Shawna smiley

LoL... i was afraid of that! guess i should start trying to get to bed earlier... smiley or maybe it's cause i refuse to get bi-focals? hee, hee

Who needs bed when we have this site. Shawna, if you are like me then bifocals won't help, I use mine to watch tv only but I really need to wear them when I go out shopping. So many times people have waved at me and I can't see exactly who they are so I just wave back

@Liz: roflol... I've never waved at anyone like that smiley uh'hmmm (clears throat in shame)
I've been in restaurants before eating and have had my glasses off so I can see my hubby just across the table better and someone has waved at us or said see you later and I'm like yeah you too & wave... and then I'm like Honey who was that? LoL

A friend of mine said she recently had to get trifocals... She was only about 4 years older than me. I was like I had no idea there was even such a thing. She said yep! The lower part usually has minimal magnification for reading up close, the middle has a corrective amount for your computer (or arms length) and then, the rest for past your arm for you nearsighted correction. She said the Dr told her it's becoming more commonplace in people since everyone spends so much time on computers now, that it really affects our vision more than we realize. smiley Her's were a type of (invisible lines??) she said they were pricey. I'm not looking forward to that! I about died when I found out the bi-focals were gonna cost almost $100 more a pair. smiley

@ Shawna: My husband has trifocals - he really likes them. He's on the computer a lot (he's an IT mgr) and often had to take his glasses off to read memos or a book. Now he doesn't have to. He also had the anti-glare glaze added to his prescription.

@Lizanne: My husband is in IT too... he's worn the gamut of hats over the past 20+ years and he NEEDS trifocals worse than myself. He says he doesn't but we had to buy him cheaters the past year for when he's wearing contacts for the similar reason as your hubby. He can't read the fine print on the packaging that comes with equipment to save his life. LoL

I was in the accounting field of sorts (worked in Design and Construction for a major hospital corporation) building hospitals, additions, renovations, etc. I was an assistant project manager which entailed majority of my day being spent on the computer either ordering, updating specs, mod lists, and quicken. But fortunately I came home several years ago... so now my time on the pc is more leisure time only at home. I do notice a huge difference in how my eyes feel, say... after iNSD weekend. smiley I have the anti-glare and the sunglass activation and I love both. The sunglasses are great for light blue eyes, and the anti-glare helps at night due to my astigmatism.

So, does your hubby think the trifocals are worth their weight in gold? or at least the cost of them? smiley

@Shawna: Yes, he loves them. Took a few days to get used to them, though. You'd never know they were trifocals from looking at them - the lenses look the same as other regular prescription eyeglasses (no lines - nothing). He has blue eyes, too, and his eyes are too sensitive (according to the air puff test) so he couldn't even consider contacts. At least that's what he told me the optician said.

I have a little of a similar thing with the air test. My big thing is that I have a condition, I forgot the technical name but my eyes dry out really bad when wearing the contacts for more that a few hours. So as a woman, I have 4 pair of glasses so I can match my style of clothing I'm wearing for the day. smiley A fun pair, a plain pair, straight prescription sunglasses, and a purple pair just because I absolutely loooove purple. LoL So once I do have to change to bi or tri focals, I guess I'll have to give up the extra styles. smiley We have a place down here called America's Best. They are great... You get buy one get one free and all there glasses have a one year warranty... even on the coatings. So, it's not as pricey as most. We've found that they are cheaper to buy on our own that way than paying our share through insurance. smiley I've not asked if they do trifocals yet.

Glad you like the "new" feature Shawna smiley

@Shawna: Have you tried Zenni Optical? (zennioptical.com) One of my friends in Canada told me about them - she likes different glasses for different outfits like you... She said you can get glasses pretty cheap through them. I haven't done it yet (I only need mine for driving), but I'm tempted. My plan only allows me 1 pair a year, and even with that plan I still end up paying out of pocket about $200. So far I have one pair with magnetic sunglass clip-ons (they're pretty boring) & another pair that are rimless. Now I want something fun.