Designer Challenge?

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Designer Challenge?

EDIT: Designer challenges have started:

Um, I was wondering... I see a decent amount of people who design here so I was wondering if you had considered doing a weekly design challenge in addition to the weekly scrappers challenge?


I have been thinking about it! Anyone else interested?

Weekly might be a bit much but I am half interested. Might not be able to take part until next month as presently I am taking part in a Designer Contest elsewhere.

I am interested smiley I´m working hard on improoving scrapping skills, and challenges are something I really enjoy!

Absolutely interested!

That is a TERRIFIC idea! It would help me a great deal to hone in my skills. Although I wouldn't be doing to contests all the time because of school and all. But I LOVE YOUR IDEA!

Cool! But a weekly challenge is way too steep for me. I think monthly would be better for me.

Well, I guess frequency really is up to Marissa... A monthly challenge would not probably be challenge enough for me. One of the greatest things about design contest to me is that you really have to stretch since each round has such a short deadline typically.

And again, this would be up to Marissa but I was not necessarily envisioning something like "Do a mini with such and such of a theme" every week. More like "make a patterned paper from scratch" or "create an alpha in your favorite colors" this week.

Several sites have monthly challenges to create a mini which is nice for dabbling but I was hoping for something a little bit more geared to helping a designer keep "fit" with regular exercises. And I am sure there would be weeks that I also would be unable to participate either because of time, health, or lack of skill but monthly just doesn't seem like enough of a push to me.

Now, having said all that... that's just my 2 cents worth... whatever is decided is good! smiley

Very interested. Would love it. I need something to motivate exploring outside my comfort zone - lol

I would be interested too. I need a push to stretch my imagination. I tend to stick to the same old routine when I design stuff.

Great idea, love weekly although I appreciate others would prefer monthly. What about weekly without pressure to commit to every week? Whatever you decide Marisa count me in!

Hi Angela (and everyone else),

The first Designer Challenge is already taking place here:

And you don't need to commit to anything; just join the challenges you think are fun!

Thank you Melouise. I'll jump right in!

As Melouise pointed out, the designer challenges have started, so I'm going to close this thread and you can head over to the challenges forum to see what's happening:

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