Creating Circular Text

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Creating Circular Text

This is a great tutorial from on how to turn a line of text into a circle - which looks like this:

I think it adds a really unique element to a page. It's fairly easy to do. I tried it with good results.

Here's the link to the tutorial:

@Tina: You may want to move this over to the tutorials section for everyone to see it there...
Also, thought I'd let you know the image isn't hyperlinked to the website or post you're referring to.
I'd love to see the tutorial. smiley

Crud. I thought thats where i put it along with the link. Will correct it in a bit when i get back to my pc. Thanks for the heads up

NP... It happened to me the other day to... I think I know what happened. If you did what I did you went to the specific forum you wanted to post in and then posted??? I noticed what happened to me was that when you click to start a new post... It automatically defaults to the General Discussion forum. I had to move one myself the other night. If that's what happened to you, then let me know and I will post in the other forum for Jordan to see it easier, maybe it's something he can adjust. smiley Hope you're having a good day!

@Shawna - I added in the link to the tutorial but when I tried to put it in the tutorial thread the only option in the pull down menu was General Discussion. I'm sure I'm missing something..... Anyway, if you Photoshop, it's a very cool effect and easy to do!

You're right... all mine has when I click edit is general, then support and features... so I'm not able to edit & move mine either to tutorials maybe that's a glitch, but maybe they don't want us moving stuff to tutorials or challenges??? Hopefully, Marisa will see this post and answer our questions... Both about the automatic default to General Discussion when we do a new post & when we want to move it to tutorials. smiley

Tina thanks for the link.

Yep, right now you can only post in certain forums. Once we get enough moderators, that will open things up and we'll have people posting in more places.

Thanks for the link Tina!

I never thought about creating a circle with text, I am going to have to try this. Thanks

Thanks for showing this to us! This is something cute to change up my journaling. I can't wait to try it.

Will definitely try it. Thanks!!

Muito bom!Obrigada!

I forgot how it is good!!! I'll try do it later.