New Moderators and List

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New Moderators and List

I'd like to welcome another moderator, Sarah Higgins, to the Chit Chat Forum.

Also, we've had a lot of additions to the moderators, and we're in pretty good shape now, but if you're curious about who's in charge, here's the list:

Chit Chat
Lórien Rezende
Sarah Higgins
Marisa Lerin

Digital Scrapbooking Discussion
Shawna Adkerson
Melouise Vrijhif
Marisa Lerin

Software: Photoshop/Photoshop Elements
Tina Anderson
Judy Salerno
Lynda Griffith, Photoshop Elements
Marisa Lerin

Software: Paint Shop Pro
Tina Campanale
Wilma Schout

Jaclyn Clayton
Tina Anderson

Good luck and congrats to all of you! smiley

Welcome Sarah!