Designer Challenge - Pattern Making - Deadline Feb 28

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Designer Challenge - Pattern Making - Deadline Feb 28

There was some interest in a designer challenge, so I thought we might as well jump in and see how it goes. Since this is the first time I'm sure there will be some things to iron out, so don't be shy about leaving feedback! Also, I'm interested in a system for giving people feedback on their designs. Please comment on that here.

This Week's Challenge: Design a repeating pattern from scratch.

In this thread feel free to leave the following:

  • An image and link to your design.
  • Questions, tips and advice for completing the challenge.

Due Date: February 28, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours) (We'll see how things go, this date may be extended.)

See designer challenge rules here.

Awesome Marisa! TYSM!

Great! Looking forward to it!

Yay! I know what I want to do smiley

I´m also very intrested on the criticizing system, although I have no idea on how we can do it.

Looking forward to working on this challenge. smiley

really excited about this challenge! can't wait to try!! smiley

I need a little clarification on what the challenge is... Do you want us to use only elements we "draw" ourselves and create the tile without the seamless tiling filter (PSP)? or are just creating a tiling pattern ourselves to make a paper with? Sorry to be a pain...

Kewl! Lets get cracking! xoxox Beth

I'm a bit confused as well. I'm not sure if we're supposed to create a layout like I did. I created the circle template myself then completed the layout...but not sure if that's the intention of the challenge.

I understood it to mean, we are to create a template with a repeating pattern, then have that template available for download. Yes?

I am assuming it is a pattern to create a patterned paper with.

Ok, so I designed a heart pattern paper using a gimp brush and an overlay. Hope that was what I was supposed to do and that using those helps wasn't cheating. Also I'm using dropbox for the first time smiley I'm not sure if I did it right but here goes...
"I smiley Paper" Link here.
I smiley Paper 2
I smiley Paper 3

I couldn't figure out how to do a preview for them...Help anyone?

Well, I finished up my submission for this challenge. I think I've discovered something about my designing style that I find kind of surprising. I seem to be doing a lot of "dirty" or "grunge" type papers, but when I download freebies or buy kits, that style isn't my first choice. Interesting...

So anyway, here are some papers I created with the patterns:

Here are the overlays I created:

The different patterns are telephones, cell phones, telephone handsets, and megaphones.

The links to download are on my blog here: Cat Scrap Fever

Here is my entry for a repeating pattern. I'll put it up on my blog along with the .pat file


Basically the outcome I was envisioning was either a .PNG overlay or a .PSD paper template. These submissions look great!

If you need instructions on how to create a repeating pattern in photoshop you can go to e-how and they have a quick and easy tutorial. Have fun. xoxox Beth

I love it Sunny! Iv'e been watching your growth. You are very talented. xoxox Beth

Here's my attempt. Download link on the blog

Hi Sunny,
I just picked up your pattern from you blog - LOVE IT!
Thank you so much.


Hi Cat,
Thank you so much for these - they are great. I love that you have saved us some time by offering both overlays and papers smiley
And don't feel bad about your style. You are not alone (I have to force myself to do something other than grunge/distressed/dirty). But I just love it so.....


Here's some other ones I made:
Grungy stars
Grungy stars1.. Hope you like them. This time I used the pattern fill following the directions from the ehow site (thanks Beth for the tip smiley ) even though I use gimp I was able to figure it out with help from the PS directions smiley Hope you enjoy them. Here's a preview of one

I love the colours you chose for this paper.

Here is mine. I was already making the monsters for the STS Road Trip, so I turned them into a pattern for this challenge! I hope you all enjoy them! They are available on MY FACEBOOK PAGE!

Oh, those monsters are so cute!

The same pattern, one is an overlay, and the other two have had different textures added.


You guys are knocking these designs outta the park!

love creating original overlays! so much fun!! smiley

Download HERE

Download HERE

So much fun! Here's mine. I don't have time to package it all up so no preview or TOU but here it is... feel free to use however you want!


As usual I had so much fun doing this challenge. I am used to making patterns with 1 image but this time I have gone one step further and challenge myself with a more varied pattern - although still repeated. They are available for free download from my blog:



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