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FREEBIES PU: Cat Scrap Fever

Hi all! This is my first freebie offering on here. I've been inspired by all the cool stuff available that Marisa provides (which is truly amazing). They are Valentine papers, so hopefully you will get some use out of them. Please leave a comment if you download them. I'd like to know what you think of them, and I'd also love to see what you create with them if you use them.

You can download them from my blog here: Cat Scrap Fever Valentine Paper Sampler Pack

That's really cool!

I have a new freebie up on my blog. smiley I wanted to participate in the Feb blog train, but I knew I wouldn't have time to get a kit together in time, so I worked on one over the last couple weeks and put together a nice sized kit. Its available for download from my blog. There's 4 parts to the main kit AND I have a 5th part as a Facebook fan freebie too. Here's previews of the kit and a quick layout I did with the kit:

ETA: Sorry, I forgot to put the link to my blog post smiley Here it is: Cat Scrap Fever - Heritage Lane Digi Scrap Kit Freebie

I forgot to post here... I noticed a problem with Part 3 of this kit and have fixed it, but if you downloaded it before I uploaded the fix, then you will need to download that part again. So sorry for the inconvenience. The original link is work and linked to the fixed files on my blog. smiley

Thanks a bunch Cat! It's very nice of you! I love those pastel tones and the retro look for the elements! By the way, I also love cats smiley but I don't have cats anymore because my last kitten was died and it's kind of traumatic things to have new cat at our home... anyway smiley once again thank you smiley

Awww, sorry to hear about your cat. I lost one of my cats in the spring. She was old and sick so we had to have the vet put her to sleep. I still have one cat and a little dog that we adore.

My little kitten died in very young age... He was a stray kitten around two or three days old, left in front of our door house on a rainy day by his mother. We raised him up to around two months until one day he was accidentally hit by our own car, because he was chasing our car from behind. He just didn't want to be left alone in the house that day (because usually we did bring him everywhere we go). In any case, once again thank you for the lovely papers and elements you provide here smiley

Love it. TYFS

Such a lovely kit! Thanks so much for sharing!

I have a new freebie up for grabs.

You can find it here (just scroll down a bit and the preview is linked): Cat Scrap Fever Grunge Papers Freebie

Thanks for sharing!!

thank you...

Thanks for your hard work.

Cute and pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Cute and pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

I don't since some of the things I use are CU that don't allow for resale as CU. I have a few things that I've drawn myself, but just one or two, so I'm going to wait until I have more of a selection before I start offering CU stuff.

Great, I look forward to seeing you Cu and all your creations.

Love the ric rac!

I have a freebie preview for you. You can get this mini kit if you sign up for my newsletter before noon tomorrow. The newsletter will go out on April 1st.

There was some discussion earlier in the challenge thread about "alpha cutters" and I had mentioned I use the script supplied with Photoshop to save my layers to files. What I forgot was that I had altered the script that came with Photoshop since the one supplied saves everything at 72dpi for the web and I changed it so that it saves it at original resolution (300dpi when I'm doing digi scrap stuff). I just wanted to post here in case someone is using my suggestion and not realizing that their files will be lower resolution. You won't really notice unless you look at the image size since it resizes them really big (like a 12" paper would be 50" in 72dpi). So what I have done is to upload my script for you all so that you can use that. You will need to load it into the appropriate folder in your Photoshop program files. You would go to where ever you have photoshop installed (usually c: drive) -> Program Files -> Adobe -> Adobe Photoshop CS5 (thats what I have - I believe it should work in all CS versions) -> Presets -> Scripts

Let me know if you have any problems loading the script and I will try to help. You can download the script from here:

CSF_Export Layers To Files full resolution

I have these freebies up on my blog now:

This one is a FB fan freebie:

This one is for the BNB Angels & Demons blog train:

and this one is for the Stuff to Scrap blog train:

The links to download are all on my blog here: Cat Scrap Fever

Beautiful designs!

hi love these thank u. smiley

I have a new facebook freebie up if you want to download it. You can get if here: CatScrapFever Facebook Page

Wow! All your paper freebies are great! Thanks for these. smiley

You do wonderful things thanks

Thank you so much! smiley

I have a couple new freebies that I did for the Digi Scrap Forum blog train this month. You can get them on my blog.

And I have a quick page freebie for my facebook fans:

Love your part for the blog train. I just can't get enough of those colors!

great color palette!

I love the colors for that palette too... I love the paper you made with the butterflies and the little glittery swirls are awesome... I can't wait to open the folder and check out everything up close and personal. smiley

Thanks everyone! I love the colour palette too!