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Kit Sizes

Sunny raised a good question in another forum:

I was wondering what the community thought about the standard number of items should be in a normal kit, i.e., number of papers (A dozen?), number of embellishments, etc. What do you expect, when you buy a standard size kit?

I think that would be a great idea, that would save a lot of people from dissapointment. I know I bought a kit once from a designer I admired a lot...I opened it and was so dissapointed! She only had a few items and many of them were recoulored! I can relolour myself if I want it!

I buy kits with great papers...I am not into embellishments as much since I don't scrap digitally. I like at least 6 that go together in some way, but are not all identical patterns. I will tell you what I would love in a kit. A 12 paper kit that had one for each month in the appropriate seasonal/holiday colors that would still go together! A challenge for you who are talented in color! Also, I want to be able to see CLEARLY what is in a kit that I buy.

So true Wilma.... i hate that... i really go for the unique items, not the same frame that's recolored 5 different times. It's convenient yes, but it crowds up my hard drive and empties my wallet.

Que tema interessante a se discutir!Também sofro um pouco com isso,nas minhas escolhas, o que compor um kit....quando penso num tema, o que me vem a mente em primeira mão,seria a paleta de cores, vou atrás para compor uma paleta harmoniosa, o que na verdade não é tão fácil como se parecesse, as vezes se corre o risco de pecar, com cores tons sobre tons(não sei que se me fiz ser clara), não gosto de repetir tanto um elemento apenas modificando as cores, sei que deixa a desejar, mas também sei que por mais que se tente,não dá para modificar em cores ideais elementos em formato png, acontecerá alguma falha, porque um elemento(flor),pode conter uns 3 ou mais cores, e como modificar cada uma se elas estão compostas?Tema interessante, irei acompanhar as respostas...Obrigada!