It´s Valentine´s Day

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It´s Valentine´s Day

I´m just impressed with the kit on Valentine´s Day Marisa just posted... which remembered me that we don´t have a valentine´s day topic here, lol. My bad, as here in Brazil we don´t celebrate it. It´s only an activity on English schools, for the most of us. The day when we give presents to our BF/GF/Hubbies is on June 12th here, close to St. Anthony´s (the one we associate with finding a good marriage) day.

So, if you are celebrating Valentine´s day, what are you going to do? Will your kids give valentines to classmates? I´d love to hear!

My son's 3rd grade class is exchanging valentines & having a party the day after... smiley Then they're sending them home all sugared up to us smiley (1/2 day at school that day....forget why) - oh boy!

High school doesn't do anything as far as I know. Back in the day, when I went to high school, our class used to do a fundraiser for Valentine's day - selling colored carnations (white for friendship, red for love, etc.) or heart-shaped lollipops. You could buy 1 for $1 & you filled out a slip saying who it was to go to. It was pretty popular... Don't know why they don't seem to do it anymore - good class fundraiser & it makes peoples' day. Oh well...

As for us adults... if we aren't sick we will probably try to go out to eat so we can have some "alone time," which is rare. If that doesn't work out, we'll go with Plan B - put the kids to bed early (after we've fed them) & then cook a special dinner for us. We've done a mini-clambake in the past (corn on the cob, a few small red bliss potatoes, a small bunch of steamers, boiled lobster & a nice bottle of wine... followed by blueberry cake for dessert) or gone with an Italian theme (like a side salad &/or anti pasta, italian bread & dipping oil or bruschetta, fettucini carbonara, a nice bottle of wine, and a flourless chocolate tart or cheesecake for dessert). Needless to say, I hope it is the former so someone else can do all the cooking & clean-up! smiley

Sounds like you have some good options Lizanne.

I remember Valentine's Day in elementary school well. I loved exchanging Valentines.

I think we will probably try and go out for dinner, maybe fondue...

Yesterday my 2.5 year old and I made Valentine's for his daycare. The husband and I got a date night on Friday and went out for a little dinner and shopping!

My son is taking some to school ... but this year I've decided to make cup cakes and I'm making a valentines puzzle card... I thought it would be fun to do smiley

My son is taking valentines to school. I made the layout with him looking over my shoulder giving input on what he wanted!

The photo was of him holding a straw. Then I photoshopped in a big lollypop over the straw and added a cute Happy Valentine's Day layout around the photo. I printed them as regular 4x6 prints, so they were really cheap--about the same as the store bought kind. Then he helped me cut out slots at the hand and we inserted a Tootsie Pop to look like he was giving it to the child.

@Shannon - what an awesome idea!

Three of my kids exchange valentines at school and they are uber-excited to hand them out tomorrow. They always have a little party at school in the afternoon and so they come home wired! My oldest daughter is in high school so she's a little too old for that and my youngest isn't in school yet.

My hubby and I usually have a nice dinner and watch a movie after the kids go to bed (if we can stay awake long enough!)

I must admit I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. My mother loves the 'holiday' but somehow neither my sister nor myself do. I hate being the cynical one, but its always been an artificial hallmark day. Its not a holiday, you don't even get the day off. Its sad that some people need to be told/reminded to show love and affection. I'd rather it be a different day for no reason, than on Valentine's day when you're told to do.
That being said, I hope all those that love it, had a great one.