What Browser do you use?

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I use Safari, and sometimes Google Chrome.

I use Waterfox at work and Safari at home. I've noticed on either that this site is very "sticky". It can be slow to load on either, and when typing, the cursor just stops. Haven't tried Chrome with this site, but have used in the past and didn't like it. Gave up IE long ago when Firefox came out due to security issues.


I used to use FireFox, but when I started my ITE class and they went over the befits of various browsers it seemed Chrome was the best. I have used it ever since and am not unhappy!

In mac I use safari, in windows google chrome. IE is the worst!!!!

I have used Internet Explorer for a long time. Now I switched to Chrome and I prefere it.

I use Chrome on my desktop computer and IE on my tablet (it's a Microsoft Surface so I have no choice in that!), but I would use Chrome on it, too, if I could. I do a lot of downloading when I'm on the tablet, and IE refuses to work with Mediafire, so if I want something through Mediafire, I have to wait until I'm on the desktop before I can download it. I must admit, it did take me a while to get used to Chrome, because IE was all I had ever used - I just felt that Chrome didn't look as streamlined as IE. But Chrome is so much faster, and it's worked with every site I've tried it with so far, so I'm happy with it.

I use Chrome. I also use Firefox and IE but since I still have windows xp Ie does not work well. I enjoy Chrome.

I love Chrome,

I've been using Firefox forever, and though I've tried others I keep coming back for one reason - AdBlocker Plus. At this point, I can't stand using the web without it!

Foxfire always!

Just switched from Safari to Chrome recently and love it! No issues so far.

I use Chrome

I use either Opera or Firefox...for anyone having problems w/Firefox there's plenty of help on their site..I've used both for years & years

I use Chrome.

I only use Chrome. Firefox for filing my business taxes because for some reason it's the only supported browser for filing in my state. I stopped using IE years ago. My hubby and I joke and call it Internet Exploder.

I used Crome, but now I use Maxthon smiley

I use IE when it isn't giving me trouble, but when it is I use Chrome.

Jennifer, I just LOVE your new name for IE : "Internet Exploder" - brilliant!!

LOL Robyn! It always gave us so many troubles, not to mention a few nasty viruses! And the toolbars that are there one day and disappear the next! I don't even have the icon on my desktop anymore lol

I use Firefox for general browsing and Chrome when I want to watch a movie or video. For some reason, I have problems with plug-ins in Firefox. I've never been able to figure out why.

I use Safari, since I am a Mac User. I am also a Zumba instructor. When I see Zumba routines on You-tube, I often need to use Firefox to download them. I am fine using Safari on this site. It works well for me.

I use safari and have firefox as a backup. I have never heard of chrome...and after reading this thread I feel very ignorant! haha

Chrome, all the way!

I've been a Firefox user for several years now.

I tend to go back and forth between Chrome & IE. I like how IE scrolls, and other things like being able to have my weather right at the top of the window. IE does crash more often but otherwise like it...if it were compatible with all sites lol.

I generally use Chrome the most...but get bored with it lol.

I've tried FF in the past and really liked it but switched to Chrome years ago. I tried downloading it again recently...and after I downloaded it, had to do a system restore. So yeah...no FF here at all. Not when it messed up my comp so bad. smiley

Chrome! It's the best

I use Safari. Love it, I use it for the first time I came on internet... long time ago. smiley

I use different browsers: Opera, FireFox, Google Crome+. It depends on what kind of site I needed. Some work better in a browser, some in another. I completely stopped using Explorer. There are a lot of spam, junk. It is very bad protected from viruses.

Firefox. I love the variety of add-ons & how speedy it is on both my Mac Mini desktop & Macbook Air (when I don't have 50,000 tabs open - deep sigh).

I've used Safari* & Chrome before & find Safari a bit clunky. Chrome is fast & works really well but from various IT security blogs I've read, it's apparently jam-packed with Google tracking features (for advertising purposes, mostly) so I stopped using it.

*And I obviously use Safari on my phone, though I just noticed Firefox finally has an app so I may try it one of these days.