April Blog Train Details

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April Blog Train Details

I'm going to lock this thread now. If you have any further comments you can post them here.


The votes are in and here are the details for the next blog train. Sorry for those of you who had troubles voting. Hopefully next time we'll have an in-house poll that should go smoother.

The theme is "The Birds and the Bees" and here's the palette:

The Details

  1. Anyone is eligible to join and no sign up is required.
  2. You may create what ever you would like for this blog train. It's mostly an exercise to get people designing, with the option of sharing what they've made at the end.
  3. Please clearly mark on the preview whether your part is PU or CU. (Find a Pixel Scrapper logo here if you'd like.)
  4. Please put all your designs in a folder and name the folder PSApril13_DesignerName.
  5. Zip the folder and upload it to a file sharing service (some info here.)
  6. At the end of March I will post a special thread just for previews and links for the blog train.
  7. The blog train will go live on April 1 and pieces should be available for the entire month.

Hopefully I got everything! Feel free to leave any questions or chatter below.

Yay!! i'm so excited! i truly love all the challenges and trains that you put together and organize for our benefit! thank you!!

Just love this color scheme. I'm hoping to put together an inspiration board on Pinterest and that others will consider it as well. It's such a broad theme...not quite sure where to start!

Yay! I love that colour scheme. I have so many ideas floating around in my head. Now if I can just get them to translate onto the computer screen...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Those colors are absolutely gorgeous.

Looks like it will be very interesting. Have never participated in a Blog Train. Sounds like those who design kits create them and then share them here for the others to pick up and create layouts with. Is that the idea? I'll probably sit back and watch on this one. The colors are wonderful!

Perfect spring colors, can't wait to see what all you talented people create.

Well all I can say is those cookies look scrumptious!!

@Judith- you got it! smiley

This will give me an opportunity to challenge myself to design in a more "whimsy" style, which I had been hoping to explore........

Maybe a dumb question but what do the numbers on the colors in the color palette refer to?

Lou Anne: the colors on the palette are the hexa code for them. They are used to check if the color you´re using is exactly the one in the palette.

This theme will be a challenge for me too, let´s see what I can came up with... About a month to think and try!

The colors are beautiful and spring-y...can't wait for the train to get here!

I love all your blog trains!!! And the color palet for the spring is beautiful!

The colors are gorgeous. Looking forward to the Blog Train.

Always nice to work with a colour palette. Nice to see a new Blog Train, can't waith to see what others designed!

@Marisa and Janet:
Maybe Marisa could create a Pinterest board for the April train that we can all participate in? I'm guessing most of us are already following most of the Pixelscrapper boards anyways... Would be nice to have one inspiration board we can all pin to! I would be glad to start this, but maybe 'Pixelscrapper pinteresting' would be the obvious choice here?

Word of warning to GIMP designers:
In the past I've used the eyedropper and double checked the hexa codes and things looked good. (Part of what I'm doing to get ready to design for others.) But this time, only the last color came out correctly. Some were VERY close, but off by on or two codes.

Gorgeous colors! Great pick Sunny (I think it was you)! I guess I'm stumped by the broad theme. Anybody have ideas of what they are doing yet? A pinterest board would probably help.

Also, do you think we could add white to the pallet? Or if not white, a lighter neutral color (perhaps the color of the cookie)?

I thought (but now I'm second guessing myself) that we always can add black & white to the color swatches. Is that not ok? I might need to rethink a bit. lol!
I love these colors. I'm so excited to start. I have to finish a couple things before i get to play.

I'm excited as well. It took a bit of thinking as to the route that I want to go...but I'm really excited now. I hope we can add the neutrals. That will make designing much easier...especially when it comes to patterned papers.

yay I love the colors picked!!

Thanks, Molly, for answering my question! I started downloading some of the kits for February's blog train just last night! They are so neat ~ always looking for ideas for recipe cards. But this April theme looks scrumptious ~ cookies, and colors!!

I like the idea of people being able to add Black & White... I'm sure Marisa will let y'all know what she thinks soon enough about that. smiley Good Luck Ladies... Can't wait to see all of your creative efforts unfold with all the talent oozing out of this website. smiley

Well, I've designed on element, but I'm afraid I'm detouring to a more elegant run than the "Birds and the Bees". Guess I better get on Pinterest and browse others ideas as well. May have to put this one back for another time. lol

I've updated the palette to include the neutrals that I usually use. Hope that works for everyone.

Also I saw that Janet had a pin board going for inspiration. Perhaps she'd be willing to add in people who are interested? You could add me if you don't mind! (http://pinterest.com/JanetLynnScott/birds-ans-bees-inspiration-for-blogtrain/)

Thank you Lorien.

@Janet: Wow, looking over your Pinterest board has already been SO helpful! I was at a total loss for what to do with this one - "Birds and Bees" seemed more cute/cartoony than I usually like to do - but your board reminded me there are great simple/modern graphic things to be done with this theme as well. I'm really getting excited! Can you add me to the board - Miss Meridian?

Thanks so much for adding the neutrals Marissa. I'll see what I can do to add people to that board (haven't ever done that before but I'd be happy to have people add things). Violet, I was in the same boat...very overwhelmed until I did some googling and checking on etsy. Now I'm excited about the theme. smiley

I tried to add you Violet, but didn't have any luck. It said that your user name can't be found. I'm not sure if you have to follow me in order for me to add you? Or is there a way to make it an open board? I'll do some googling to see if I can figure it out before someone replies here. smiley

I did a bit of research and didn't have any luck. From what I found, I'll need to add people one by one, which is fine. Just let me know who would like to be added (either email address used for Pinterest or your Pinterest username). From what I've gathered, I'll need to follow at least one board from each person that wants to be a part of the collaborative board in order for them to participate.


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