Free daily credits system revamped

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Free daily credits system revamped

I'm happy to announce that I have just finished revamping the system for giving out free daily download credits. The system should generally be more robust, and everyone will now receive their daily free download credits overnight, based on their individual timezone settings! (The daily free credits will arrive around 3:00am.)

For this to work properly, make sure that you set your timezone correctly on your account settings page. (If you do not set your timezone, you will receive your free daily credits around 3:00am US Central Time.)

To set your timezone click on "account settings" from the user drop-down menu next to your profile picture in the upper-right-hand corner of the site:

Then you can click on the map and hit "save" to set your timezone:

Thank you Jordan! You made it so fast smiley

It can't be easier than that! Thank you Jordan smiley

Thank you so much!

Wow! you guys think of everything!! thanks for everything you both are doing smiley

Thanks for all your hard work! smiley

Thank you so much for your kindness!!!!!!

Thanks, Jordan, I appreciate how difficult it must be to set up and run such a site, However......just to let you download credits applied to my account overnight.

LOVE IT!!! smiley Thank you so much for your support of the site.

Wow, I didn't expect this so soon! Thanks Jordan and I like the fact that you can reach others by email now too! You are the best!

Update...I just went to my profile and love the fact that you just have to click on the map and it picks up the time zone! So EASY! Thanks again!

I was getting my Download Credits daily with no problem and now today I didn't. My timezone was right. Wondering if this a new issue...Thanks for responding so quickly!

Jordan thanks for working so hard behind the scene!

Thanks for all your hard work!!

Thank you for making it so much easier!!! But no credits have been added to my account either.

That's great - thank you so much, Jordan! smiley

Wonderful. That sounds great.

thanks! easy peasy

Jordan, Thanks for the credit!
But there is no option where I live map of Rio de Janeiro. smiley

Thank you for the information! I understand this so much better now!

Thanks for the help, Jordan! That step should go smoothly.

Jordan, I experienced the same thing. Picked mine up about 5 pm yesterday, and am still sitting at zero. Not a problem though, figure it was part of the implementation process.

Jordan, I'm not sure where the others are located, but I'm in Indiana, but actually in the CST. The "toe", if you think of Indiana as a boot, actually does not follow suit with the rest of the state, with Evansville IN being 3rd largest city in the state falling into the CST time zone. I tried the auto detect and it was putting me in Detroit, for some reason. I also tried to find a major city in the CST time zone on the pull-down, like St Louis, MO or Dallas TX. I tried to click ANY where in the US for the Central Timezone and wasn't able to get a tag. Canada or Mexico in CST was working though.

So those of us in US in CST may be the group that did not receive the DC. I'm not sure if you were borrowing this from another site or not, but thought I'd give you a lead to trouble persists.

I was experiencing the same problem too (not having the DC three days ago) but everything is going well now since i started spending my DC... I don't know if this will fix your issue or not... but maybe you can give it a try...

Thanks so much!

To those who did not receive their DC this past night: please be patient smiley. The system may have kicked in during the night, after your refill time. Please spend some DC (if you have any in your account), and wait for them to be refilled this coming night. I have just checked the system logs, and free credits are being refilled correctly.

@Laura: as long as you pick a location in your timezone, things should work correctly. The main timezone name for US CST is America/Chicago. I just tried clicking on the map in the middle of the US (CST region), and that's the timezone it selects. It's also fine to go with someplace in Mexico, or Winnipeg, etc., which are all in the same GMT - 6 timezone. The "Detect" button will normally correctly select somewhere with your same local time, but I guess it doesn't know about the toe of Indiana smiley (it thought you were in EST, with Detroit).

General reminder: always keep in mind that free download credits do not accumulate: you need to spend your free credits every day if you want them to be refilled overnight.

@Marcela: Rio de Janeiro timezone is the same as São Paulo (which I know there´s on the map, as mine is set for São Paulo), or Brasilia, including the times when there´s daylight saving time (horário de verão); so, just set it for São Paulo and you will be fine.

Thanks for working so hard to make this site perfect!!

what a great improvement! thanks

I can hardly wait until the "next day" so I can download more goodies! Thanks so much for all you do! smiley

Awesome! Thank you so much!