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ISO: hybrid templates

I'm planning a baby shower for a friend. I've seen lots of neat hybrid printables on various designers' sites, but I've never made any myself before. I'd like to make a cupcake wrapper, favor tag, signs, Wish for Baby book, etc. that tie into the baby shower theme. (I'm thinking of using a classic baby book as a theme.) It's a pretty specific theme, so I think I need to do the design work myself. My challenge is that I've never done hybrid printables before. I think I could do the tag pretty easily, but the cupcake surround is beyond me. I am using Elements, which I do not believe I can get a curved shape exactly like I need for the cupcake wrapper. I was hoping to find templates for purchase that I could then use my own papers and elements to do the design. Has anyone seen layered hybrid printable templates that include a cupcake wrapper?

Thanks so much!

I've seen a lot of cupcake wrapper templates all over the internet. If you google for it, I'm sure you'll find something you like. You could just use the shape and then "fill" with your own pattern in your graphics program. Along with that, I have seen a lot of party kit templates/printables. Check out Shery K Designs for some free ones - you could use the shapes and then fill with your own pattern.

Thank you!