Designer Challenge - Pattern Making - Deadline Feb 28

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Here is a few I made out of brushes... shamrocks for St Patricks Day! Link below for download if you are interested. 2 PNG 1 PSD

I had to edit the link, for some reason it was not working, but it should be OK now.

Everyone is doing great! Thanks so much Marisa for giving us the challenge!

Thanks, ladies. I downloaded some great assets from this challenge.

Mine was much harder to do then I imagined. I really need feedback on that, to know what mistakes I´m making, and how I correct them. Somehow, the triske overlay don´t work good when I try to use it with paint bucket tool, but works fine if I put on "overlay" blending mode, and recolor using blending option color overlay... It´s so weird.
I am also not sure if the borders of the patterns would pass a quality check, but I don´t know how to fix them.

If it´s ok, feel free to use as cu smiley

Download here (It goes straight to my dropbox)

PS:I´ve hand-drawn the doodle shamrock - hope it´s cute smiley

Now some comments about the other submissions:

@Cat: I´m exactly the opposite. I really like grungy papers, but end on doing them very plain. I usually don´t like my own distressed/grungy/aged paper. Guess I still don´t have good techniques to do them, as I´m just beginning.

@Molly - Somehow, I can´t download yours...

@Chikie - I just saw we thought on the same theme when I was going to post mine. Your papers look great!

Hi ppl!

Well, its my 1st time posting something realy usefull here, so i'm a litle shy! smiley

I made a pack of overlays based on gears i made myself, on CorelDraw (yes, i use C.Draw, believe, its possible) and finished into PS. I hope you enjoy it.

To download: "Click here"

Wow Heliton those are fantastic! Ever since my first "steampunk" kit that I got I have fallen in love with gears! Thanks so much!

Love those gear overlays!

This is what I came up with. I'm most definitely not a designer, but I still had fun with the challenge. Each individual damask shape is on its own layer so that it can be customized to your liking. I also did a basic paper of one color as a sample. here is the link to the files. There are three of .png, one .psd, and one .jpg. I hope someone out there will find them useful. smiley

Thanks everyone for participating! Some great patterns were made. Way to kick off the designer challenge with a bang!


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