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New Freebie Forum

Jordan has done a wonderful thing. He has created a new Freebie forum! All the pertinent threads have been moved, and we'll see how things go! I'm sure the freebie forum will evolve over time, but it's exciting to start somewhere!

There are guidelines and requirements for posting in the new forum, so be sure and check those out before posting.

Marissa and Jordan,

Thank you, that is so nice and organized.

What a great idea. I'm going to have to check it out. Thank you.

this is such a cool idea!! i'm so excited to see how this develops. i luv seeing all the new developments on this site!

What a great outlet for all the creative people here. Thank you, Jordon.

that's awesome!!!!!

Thanks so much Jordan! I think this helps especially for those who come lurking in the future.

Thank you, Jordan and Marisa! You are both so talented!!

Thanks for all your hard work! smiley

Looks like someone has been a busy bee with all the new stuff happening here smiley