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Stampin' Up -- My Digital Studio

I am wondering if anyone uses My Digital Studio. I am pretty handy with it but I'd love more tips, tricks and techniques. What is something you have done that you haven't seen anyone else do? I made washi tape!

Heather: I don't know the answer to your question but I do have a reverse question for you , too... smiley I've seen some of the lovely kits from my Stampin-Up lady... and was curious. Are they in generic formats like png's and jpgs where we could use them in other software or are the software proprietary? TIA for your answer... It'll help me next time she sends an email saying there's a huge digital kit sale. smiley

I can answer that one Shawna... Most of the digital downloads that SU offer can be used in other graphics programs, however, they do occasionally have some sets that are "installed" into MDS and you can only use in MDS ( or so they say smiley ). I accidentally bought one of their disks that is MDS only and I don't use MDS (and I only bought the disk because they had them on sale for $1 each). I had to install the trial version of MDS, but I did figure a way out to get the content out of the program. I don't really want to divulge that on an open forum. So, long and short, yes you can use their content in other programs, but make sure it isn't MDS only.

Shawna, you can download kits for other programs. When you are downloading from their website they will ask if it is for MDS or if it for another program. Since I use MDS I don't have any experience with what those files are, sorry. I think if you go to, you can get free downloads from Stampin' Up and try it out before you buy anything. You can also get same or better prices from the online store, download direct to your computer and connect with your Stampin' Up lady. smiley I know that wasn't really an answer to your question but I hope it helps just the same.

Cool! Great to know Cat & Heather for if they have a future sale I can't resist. I will try some of their freebies to see exactly what file types they are before buying too. smiley