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New profile fields

I've added a couple of new fields to the user profile pages, if you are interested in filling them out. Just go to your account and click "edit profile" to fill in the new fields.

These fields will be used in the future to help customize the site to your needs, and help match people up based on their experience and expertise, etc.

These new fields are in no way mandatory.


What an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for working so hard on the site and making it better and easier!!

So awesome!!

Also, another design software that I realized could be used for creating digital scrapbooking is the advanced one.

Thanks for the new features on the profile page it's really neat. C:

once again you've improve this site with new ideas and more ways to interact!! thank you so much for all the amazing and hard work you both do from all of us who love and benefit from this site!!

Thank you for making this such an amazing site! It's a great experience being part of this community.

I will have to go in tomorrow and update... thanks for all your hard work!