ISO: Baby Scrapbook Kits (FREE???)

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ISO: Baby Scrapbook Kits (FREE???)

I'm starting my little boy's scrapbook for my pregnancy and up until now (at 10 months old. lol). Needing some suggestions of what to include in the scrapbook since I feel like I'm forgetting something. Also, do you know of any cute free kits I could download? I think I'm going to buy a bundle on scraporchard, but want to make sure there isn't something out there I could use for free in place of one of the kits involved in the bundle (which could save me like $8 instead of spending $20 to buy the whole thing).

I edited your title a bit so people could tell you if there are any Free kits you could use... Normally I would lock it since there's already a discussion, but will leave it open for responses to your ISO for free kits. smiley
Here is the original thread about what to include in Baby Books for TONS of answers to your other question. Good Luck with your album, and Congratulations on your new little one! smiley

Thanks! I'm new to the forums, so I haven't had much chance to go through all of them!

NP Sweetie, plus it was about 3 pages deep... smiley

Hi Brittany,

Most free kits are mini's or add-ons, so if you want to scrap an entire book with just one kit, I would suggest buying one you like, because they tend to be a lot bigger/extensive. But, there are baby-themed freebies! And, since most of them are add-ons, they have a big brother-kit for sale too. Here a few of my favorites:

Hope you can use them!

If you are in need of templates that you can make an album with Yin has on her blog a HUGE stash of templates. On her blog look at the side bar at the right. Scroll a bit down and your will see all the links categorized. She even has a cover listed all the way down, back, front and spine.

Yin's blog link

Hope you find it useful

I agree with PP to buy a large kit if you want a similar theme throughout the whole book. Also, try the search function on the below website , quite a few showed up when I tried "baby"!