"Home" tab is gone

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"Home" tab is gone

Hi there, Jordan. Did you mean to remove the "Home" tab at the top of the website? If so, that's perfectly fine, I can get back to "Home" just by clicking on the "Pixel Scrapper" logo...........But I just wanted to tell you that I noticed it wasn't there any more. Actually, I am sounding "dumber" by the minute.


Sunny: I think he did it on purpose to make room for the FAQ at the end. It was kind of redundant anyways. You can always just go all the way to the top and click on the PS Logo at the top left corner of the entire page (any page ) and it will take you right back to homepage, too. smiley HTH

No worries Sunny: I'm always grateful for any feedback smiley . But yes, I did remove the "Home" link intentionally to make room for the "FAQ" link. Like Shawna said, it seemed a bit redundant, since you can just click on the logo to go to the home page...

In this area I am not very computer savvy so I sure appreciated the explanations because I had no idea so I was just working with the other tabs to get around. Thanks.