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@Jessica Fors!!!

I just saw the wildest thing ever!!! I was watching a re-run (originally aired 3/15/11) of this episode of HGTV's My First Place and this engaged couple Jessica and Josh were trying to buy a home in San Francisco, California before their wedding. The girl could have been your twin (at the very least your sister) according to the photo you have posted here on the website. I was freaking out... I was like I know that girl... same cute hairstyle, hair color, skin coloring, eye color, even down to the glasses she was wearing. I've searched everywhere on their website to find a photo of her but can't find one. Wish I would've taken one with my camera on my phone for you now. smiley

Anywho... just thought I'd let you know you have a doppelganger look-a-like in the USA. smiley If that particular episode comes on again; I'll try to get a photo of her, but it's not showing online like it will.

Lol smiley I'll search and see if i can find something smiley Is there like a website that you can look att episodes? I can trick my ip to make the site think i'm in the states smiley

Oh i was already on the right site smiley