Making the Support pages stand out better

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Making the Support pages stand out better

Hi Marisa & Jordan,

After moderating for a couple of months now, I realize there are still a lot of people not able to find answers to their (frequently asked) questions. I refer them to the support pages most of the times, but even I have trouble finding the support pages!! It just seems a little tucked away in the homepage. This is just my two cents (as Shawna would say smiley), but maybe it would be a good idea to rename the support pages 'FAQ' and have them in the top navigation bar? It would be so much easier to find, since that is the first place people would expect them to be.

love and keep up the great work, Melo

Thanks for the suggestion Melouise. We have been meaning to overhaul the help system for a long time, but because that's a rather large operation, we haven't gotten around to it yet. In the meantime, I've taken your suggestion, and just added a link to the existing pages on the main navigation. Hopefully that will help!

I think it's a great idea and I saw it's already implemented. Just call him Quick Draw Jordan, fastest man in the west (or is it east). LoL
Hopefully it will help answer up front the questions we are always getting. smiley

@Melo, great idea!
@Jordan, that was quick!
@Shawna, you are so funny!