Voting still open... would you mind?

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Voting still open... would you mind?

Guys, I have a favor to ask. Voting is still open at Stuff to Scrap and I am way behind in the Designer Darlings poll. This week was a real struggle for me and I even decided to sign-up for Andrea Gold's classes. So all that is great but I really don't want to get cut before the final round just because I did not promote myself enough. If you have the chance and are willing, please vote for me, mollyscraps:!&p=119543#post119543

Thanks in advance! smiley

I voted for you. It was a bit tricky as I'm away and using my phone. Things are a bit smaller. Lol. Good luck!

Thanks Brooke! I got cut but I sure do appreciate your effort! smiley There is a Play-Along so there will be at least one more freebie coming....