Support Me In Designer Darling?

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Support Me In Designer Darling?

First of all, I wasn't sure where I should stick this... I hope I chose the right spot!

I am relatively new around here, but I've been visiting so often that Google Chrome has placed Pixel Scrapper in the second place spot of my "Most Visited" page, lol! So needless to say, I've settled in and gotten comfortable.

I am also relatively new to designing, and I am REALLY REALLY challenging myself by entering the Designer Darling competition at Stuff to Scrap. I am definitely out of my league, but I am trying my best! This is my round one submission, I call it Duck... Duck... Bath!

There are no eliminations in Round 1, but there IS voting, and I would really REALLY appreciate any votes you guys could send my way! The voting thread is HERE. All of the submissions (and there are some AWESOME ones) are free for download this week, and the download links can be found HERE. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your support!

Thanks for information Heather! I´ll sure pass by to vote for you! Love the theme you picked smiley

Thank you Lorien!!

super cute! I'm on my way to vote now!!

Thanks for sharing! Off to take a look at the thread.

Wow! I checked it out too (your design is super cute!) and there are lots of really good tips and tutorials as well to help you get started. Another great resource.

Thanks all!

The voting poll is up for Round 2 of Designer Darling. There are cuts in this round, so please PLEASE go and vote! I need all the votes I can get! I am determined to make the cut!

You have to register in the forums to vote, but its a really great place to hang out and socialize with other scrappers (almost as cool as here)! Please note that they are having issues with registration emails going through to hotmail and yahoo accounts. Gmail and accounts are working fine, so if you have trouble, try a different email address. My submission is "Callaluna Creations - Derby Girl Wannabe." It looks like this:

The voting poll is here:
The thread with links to download my mini and all of the other round 2 submissions is here:

Thank you so much to those of you that supported me in round 1!

Looks good! I stopped by to vote. Good luck.

Thank you Marisa!!!

I am excited to announce I made the first round of cuts and will advance to Round 3! So look for another freebie and begging for your votes the middle of the week! smiley

I saw it! And the next theme sounded simple for you IMO

I hope so. I am pretty confident in my extracting skills, but the photography part is proving difficult!

My Round 3 submission is up and the voting poll is ready to go! Our challenge this week was to create our own designer resources via extraction! Almost all of the resulting submissions, mine included, are CU friendly, so go and snag those CU freebies! Here is mine:

Links to download are in THIS THREAD.

And the voting thread is HERE. I would be so grateful for your votes for "Callaluna Creations / A Case of the Sniffles!"

Looks good. Do you have any tips for extracting? I feel like my system leaves a bit to be desired.

I use the pen tool more than anything else. There are faster ways, but not cleaner ways, IMO. Every other method I have used leads to the frustration of stray pixels or worse, missing pixels. I don't think that is how most people do their extractions - in the tutorial they sent out with our Round 3 packet, they mentioned using the lasso tools, so I gave that a shot. But it didn't work as well for me as the pen tool. I also have a Bamboo tablet, and sometimes I clean up pixel by pixel by hand using that. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so extracting is a slow process for me, lol. But I really enjoy it for some reason! What method do you use?

Looks like you are off to a good start for takes a lot of work - I am into it three years now and still don't know if I would be brave enough to join a competition, lol.

I use PSE most of the time, which doesn't have the pen tool - but i found a great way to do it with the magnetic lasso and polygonal tools. I have a tutorial on my blog here on how to do it using that method:

Hmm, I don't think I've ever used the pen tool. I'll have to look into it. I usually use some combination of the lasso tool and the eraser. I do prefer using the polygonal lasso, rather than the default lasso.

I was taught with Polygonal lasso too. Will give a try on pen tool someday smiley

Ok, this thread has lasted a lot longer than I expected, since I have lasted a lot longer than I expected! The polls are up for Round 4, and I would really appreciate your vote of support! (I feel like I need to shake some hands and kiss some babies here, lol!) If I survive the cut this time, I will be in the final round! Which is astonishing to me!

The challenge this week was to create a mini from scratch using only things we created ourselves and a small selection of CU items they provided. I initially thought it would be easy for me, because I consider myself a "from scratch" designer and I don't use a lot of CU stuff to begin with. But I hadn't thought about styles and actions and custom shapes and overlays... all gone! It felt like I was designing with one hand tied behind my back! But I rose to the challenge and I learned SO MUCH this week. Best of all, I am absolutely in love with the kit I created. I cannot wait to turn it into a full size!

Here is my submission, Backyard Explorer. Image is linked to the download thread if you want to snag it!

The voting polls are HERE! Thank you for your support!

Nice to see a face with your name now.
I am in the CT of Jill, and she is also in the contest, so I have seen your stuff many times allready.
Love what you did in this round!

Thanks, Saskia!

Looks good! Way to challenge yourself!

Beautiful smiley Was fun to see all the entries!

I didn't make the cut. smiley Oh well, I am proud of everything I put out! And I learned so much! Thanks to you all for the support!

Better luck next time! I thought your stuff was great.

Thanks, Marisa!