From now on, new site changes will be gradually "rolled out"

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From now on, new site changes will be gradually "rolled out"

This is just a notice to say that most site changes will be gradually "rolled out" from now on, meaning that only some users will receive the change at first, and then, over a period of a couple of weeks, the change will be rolled out to everyone.

We have enough users at this point that changing the site for everyone all at once is difficult, and could cause problems. With the new method, site updates and new features should go more smoothly, and we can catch any trouble early on in the process.

The thing to be aware of is that, while a new feature is being "rolled out," some people will see the change, while other people will not. This is not a cause for alarm: it will just take a little while for everyone to see the change.

Hopefully this new method will solve problems, rather than creating them! As usual, let me know if you experience any trouble with the site at any point. smiley

You two are so awesome. You always think of others first. xoxox Beth

Thanks so much!

Thank you for your continued time and efforts to build such a user-friendly site! Just one more way we realize how blessed we are to enjoy your wonderful site!! smiley

Thanks for the notification!

If it helps in the long run then it's a good thing smiley

Thank you for the heads up.

hey, I'm loving the filters on your own "hearts" smiley

@Meg: those have actually been there for a while, but I'm glad you like them smiley