Favorite Pixel Scrapper Paper?

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Favorite Pixel Scrapper Paper?

I was just going through and filing my Pixel Scrapper papers and was thinking how my all-time-favorite Pixel Scrapper paper is Gears from the Belgium collection. It is one of the first things I ever downloaded. It is my go-to paper and I just love it. I know it's hard to choose, but which Pixel Scrapper paper is your fave?

Oh, man... I don't know if I could have a favorite. I adore so many of them. I do really like Snow Day Red Swirly Dots Teal Paper. It is my favorite colors and I'm a sucker for swirls and dots. I know that sounds really cheesy but it's true, I mist confess. I do wish there would be more damasks. They are by far my favorite pattern. I saw the templets but I would rather have them part of a collection.

I like this Gears Paper 1, that was one of the first things I downloaded on the old site and I used for a hybrid mini-album last year, but I´m also a great fan of this orange and yellow gradient paper from Bedouin Nights. I guess I´ll change my mind when I start working with Palestine kit, but for now those are my faves, not only among Pixel Scrapper papers, but among all papers I have.

I am a sucker for anything with music notes on it, so the Colored Music Paper is my favorite. Honestly, I never use papers like that, but I love looking at it and when I see ones like that, I MUST HAVE IT. hehe smiley

@Lorien - I love the gradient papers, so versatile and useful and the texture makes them interesting.

I wanted to point out some of my favorites, but when I tried to choose, I couldn't decide! So many cool papers that I couldn't pin point my favorites down to even just five papers - I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to choosing a favorite. I love the grungy/distressed textures that PS uses to make their papers really pop. But I also love the elegant ones, too! Sigh.

This is a really tough one. I have so many that I love, but my absolute favorite has to be the Fall in Love bundle. The colors are so bright and fun. With two liitle boys, the colors are perfect for the majority of the layouts in my life right now!

@Bevery Turner I love the Balkans kit. The other kit my eye is always drawn to is Spring Fields - great colors for spring LOs

Hi Tina,

I will take a look at Spring Fields, new here and everything is new too.

At this particular moment, I'm loving the Superlatives kit (in the process of downloading it all when I have the points) - it's so versatile. However, I've just started to check out this treasure trove, so I'm sure I'll change my mind in the weeks and months to come.


I just found a new one tonight I love here!

@Shawna, wow, never seen this paper, and love it too. Let me pin it, so I keep in mind I must download smiley

IT's kid of funny how I could see a paper and have one feeling about it but then you guys post it and it's like I see it through a whole new set of eyes. I really adore the paper you pointed us to @Shawna. It might be on a download today. smiley

I just made what may be my favorite paper. It will be in my part for the April Blog Train. Spoiler: It's really cute!

Shawna, you are dangerous! Now I'm going through everything tagged Malaysia ... it's all beautiful! And my internet time is supposed to be over for the morning.

@Marisa Now I´ll be curious about your paper for 10 days! How you can do that? lol

Lo'rien, I was thinking the same thing but I figured if I didn't write it I could try to forget about it... hasn't happened. smiley

Ops, sorry Heather, it was my fault smiley lol