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Added you Violet. smiley

Thank you so much, Janet. Can't wait to start pinning!

You're very welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing more pins. smiley

Wow, this would be my first try for a blog train.
Is there a limit (min and max) for the stuff you can put in the kit?

Janet could you add me also. I'm toying with some designs, though we'll see if I can actually come up with anything in time...lol Laura Wellinghoff on Pinterest. Thanks.

I've never done one of these before but I started playing with the colors and finding patterns/clip art that I could use for the theme. It was so much fun and so much more difficult than I had expected. After seeing the beautiful things people have created for the past two blog trains, I feel really good about this. It seems like such a welcoming environment and there's lots of helpful people with expertise. It's a huge learning curve and a marvelous creative challenge. Thanks for the opportunity.

Hi Janet,
Could you add me? I'm here: http://pinterest.com/melouisevrijhof/

Love the palette!!! I just joined today....perfect timing!

@Saskia: whatever you feel comfortable with... There haven't been in minimum and/or maximum requirements on the first two trains. Feel free to jump right it and give it a try, we'd love to see your designs! smiley

@Jill: Great, glad you found us, and you have a little while (end of this month) to get your thoughts together and put a kit up too if you'd like to join in. smiley We love to see everyone participate as much as they feel comfortable and maybe even stretch themselves a little while they're at it. This place is for designers to be born and grow! smiley

When finished, where can we put our kits?

Love the scheme and theme~! (I am a poet...and didn't know it.... smiley

I am going to participate... I am sure it will be loads of fun
Thank you!

Janet... love your board... I am following now smiley

Have a super sparkly day!

@shellseeker, you made me laugh. My dh says that all the time because of that commercial at Christmas. Thanks for the smile today. I really needed one!

Marissa, thank you for adding those colors. I love them. I'm home with the flu today so I'm going to at least have some fun making things for the blog train!

@Saskia; Once April is coming closer Marisa will put up a thread for the blogtrain participants, where you can post your preview and a link to the download. You can either put you part on your blog, or upload to a media-sharing site; there is some discussion about those here. If you choose the last option, you'll have to upload your preview to a photosite like Flickr or Photobucket so you can link back to the preview. But, all this will probably be in the Sticky post Marisa will put up around the end of March...

My portion is done and ready to go. These colors are amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

Ack, I haven't checked this thread in a while! @Laura and Melouise, I've added you to the board. I'm so sorry I didn't add you sooner. If there are others out there, just let me know and I'll add you right away. smiley

Can someone check the colors I got in GIMP for the neutrals Marisa posted. I got 292929 for the dark, and f0eee1 for the off white. (The others that I tried to get off the first photo were all off except the last color, so if someone else could check them, I'd feel better.)

Thanks for adding me, and I've been following the board, so not a problem.

Hi Laura, I use Paintshop Pro and have the same numbers.

Thanks Tina.

I am in!! Great color palette! Love the theme smiley

I love the color scheme! Looking forward to seeing everyone's creations!

@ Jenn
Glad I made you smile sweetie~!
I did "borrow" that from the commercial... goes with my quirky-ness LOL
(I like being silly)

PS Can't wait to see your portion...
turtleShell (today esp. smiley

Pretty colors!!!! Love the idea picture!!!

Apparently I like to make paper. HAHA I thought I would toss my hat in the ring and figure it out and have made a handful of papers. Hopefully they will be alright. smiley

I've mine ready too.
Can't wait to show it, it's my first official Blog train join smiley

I love the palette. Just beautiful!

Yay, I just finished mine. Now off to make another kit for another blog train I'm on... smiley

i'm in! Love bright colours and the fun theme.

Hey, I know it´s not the official thread for posting previews, but what about showing us the finished portions to inspire the late people like me? For now, my kit has... 2 papers :p


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